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  1. Depends on who you use, and what service you ask for. The guy near me cleans out inlets, dpf and all sorts of other bits using his system.
  2. I don't think Ford built in systems have this feature.
  3. Mine was on less than 30,000 miles and that was suggested as a possible cause before software updates. Regarding fuel type, I've tried V-Power in mine and found it causes my car to regen more frequently, and just a whole lot more growly than using BP Ultimate which seems to make mine quieter.
  4. Get it back to the dealer. You have warranty. I had this issue and they installed a load of software updates and its cured it for me. It could be a blocked fuel filter however, that is due to be changed at service number 3.
  5. Your post is very vague. How are you getting this error? 85% on what and what won't connect?
  6. I had this on my 2015 last year. Thankfully warranty covered it but its a complete new wing mirror.
  7. Try posting this on the S-Max forum and not the Focus forum :)
  8. N.b. Your car is still under warranty, and tampering around too much and with the wrong bits will invalidate it.
  9. Delete these now! You don't want those on the internet for anyone to clone!
  10. You need more than just the screen to make it work. You'll need a new Audio Control Module, a new radio unit, a new APIM, new trim, new control panel, and you'll need to also get your car central configuration programmed to make it work. At least £1000 worth of gear, but yes it can be done.
  11. Can you please rephrase or rewrite what you are trying to ask as unfortunately it does not make any sense.
  12. Which is completely illegal to run Xenons in a non projection housing i.e standard reflectors without auto levelling and headlight washers. They will blind everyone, and will automatically void your insurance if you ever get into an accident.
  13. Just to confirm this. I shoved a rag over my rain sensor and my lights came on.
  14. I'd have one!