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  1. The footwell lights are part of the ambient lichting. The Central Car Configuration of the vehicle only has the configuration parameters to switch the ambient lichting on or off. There are no settings to change when the ambient lighting is actually on or off.
  2. Tire size 195-70-16 is much to big for a Focus MK2/MK2.5. This will definetely rub inside the wheel arches. Tire size 195-60-16 will be a much better alternative. However you should be aware that smaller/higher tires van make the car less stable. Especially at higher speeds. Personally I would just change all tires for quiter tires of the prescribed tire size.
  3. On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 the brake drums are clamped between the wheel hubs and the wheels. This setup is compareable with the rear disc brakes. To remove the brake drum the wheel needs to be removed. Next the brake drum can be pulled from the wheel hub. However during time the brake drums are known to seize solid onto the hubs. This can make removing them a real pain in the *****. Nu experience is that seized brake drums often become deformed/warped during removal. Being pretty inexpensive changing them is usually the best way if the drums are seized onto the hubs.
  4. I used this method many times without any problems. However or should not be needed to downgrade the software. The Superchips remap should overwrite the original software completely.
  5. If you know the exact software version that was on the PCM before the update it will be no problem to downgrade to that version. Every Ford dealer can do this by using some tricks during the (non com) update procedure. However to do this you need to know the exact software version number.
  6. Despite being the same model the USA Focus mk3/MK3.5 differs in many ways from the European Focus MK3/MK3.5. Most electronic modules have different software/hardware and are not interchangeable without modifications. I heard from several people that the Russian people behind UCDS no longer sell their rear view camera module. However some other Russian websites list a compareable module that looks like a copy/clone of the UCDS module. However I do not have any experience.
  7. This cable is only suitible for a 5 Inch FCDIM which has built-in rear view camera support. A European Focus MK3 FCDIM does not support this. As far as I know only USA 5 Inch FCDIM modules and some very late European Kuga/Fiesta 5 Inch FCDIM modules have built-in rear view camera support. All other 5 Inch FCDIM modules require the additional (original or Russian) module to unlock the rear view camera input of the FCDIM.
  8. ESP switch and passenger airbag deactivation warning light.
  9. You are facing the classic Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster problem. Most of the Focus mK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster problems are caused by bad soldering connections of the instrument cluster circuit board. About 15 Years ago manufacturers were forced by law to use lead free solder. After several Years this lead free solder turned out to have a major downside. It is less resistent to vibrations than the old lead based solder. During time the soldering connections develop (micro)cracks. This causes bad electrical connections or even (temporarily) no connection at all. This can cause a large number of different (sometimes strange) symptoms. There are basically 2 possibilities to solve this problem: 1. Repair of the original instrument cluster. There are several specialized companies who reapir instrument clusters. 2. Replacing the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster can be replaced by either a brand new (very expensive) or a used instrument cluster. If you have soldering skills and equipment you can disassemble the instrument cluster and resolder all connections of the large instrument cluster connector. In many cases resoldering the connector solves the problems. It is definetely woth a try. Be aware that on the Focus mK2/MK2.5 the PATS (immobilizer) is integrated in both the instrument cluster and the PCM. When another instrument cluster is fitted there are 4 things that need to be reprogrammed: 1. Settings of the instrument cluster. All settings must match with the options of the car otherwise an error can occur. 2. The ignition keys must be programmed to the instrument cluster. 3. The instrument cluster must be paired to the PCM. 4. The correct mileage. Most diagnostic systems can only adjust the mileage upwards! Programming can be done with the Ford IDS diagnostic system or any other Ford specific diagnostic system which has the ability to program the Ford PATS system.
  10. I bought my car Octobre 2014 and at that time there was no recall yet. I had the degas hose replaced immediately when I bought the car as a precaution. As far as I am aware the recall was released in about December 2014. This can however be different for different countries. After overheating of the 1.0 ECOboost there is approximately a 90% chance of serious engine damage. Replacement of the engine at a Ford dealership can cost approximately €5000,-. There is nothing wrong with having the car serviced by a non Ford dealer but the service needs to comply to Ford specifications and requirements. If not the Ford warranty/goodwill requirements will be voided. In case of a warranty/goodwill application you will have to prove that the car was serviced in compliance with the Ford requirements. In most cases this is very difficult. Using aftermarket (non approved by Ford) parts for example will void the warranty/goodwill requirements. In my opinion the garage who serviced the car is responsible for servicing the car based on the specifications prescribed by the manufacturer. In my opinion this also involves a recall. They should have warned you at least about the recall. To perform the manufacturer prescribed services a non Ford dealer needs the service checklist. Both the checklist and recall information are available for free on the Ford Etis website. Every non Ford dealer can print out exactly the same checklist as a Ford dealer. You should at least try to get a goodwill arrangement. This can however be a long story. It can take several Months before they even make a decision.
  11. Why should Ford replace the engine? Ford has very strict warranty/goodwill regulations. First the car must have been serviced by a Ford dealer and the service schedule must have been followed completely. If the prescribed requirements are not met Ford will reject any warranty/goodwill apllication. By taking the car to a non Ford dealer for services you basically voided the warranty/goodwill requirements. Even if there is an active recall the repair should have been performed long ago. This recall was launched in 2014. All known owners of affected vehicles received a letter about the recall. Unfortunately there are also owners that not received the recall letter. For example because of change of ownership (in which case the previous owner receives the letter). In these cases the recall should still have been performed during the next scheduled service at a Ford dealer. If the car was serviced by a non Ford dealer this prevented Ford from performing the recall. European law describes that services can also be performed by non dealers without voiding the warranty. However all warranty regulations of the manufacturer must be met. Every car manufacturer has very strict warranty rules. An independent repair facility has to respect these regulations otherwise the warranty will be voided. these regulations and the service schedule of every Ford model can be downloaded for free at the Ford Etis website. Recall information is also available for free at the Ford Etis website.
  12. Overheating of the 1.0 ECOboost usually results in a new engine. Which of the hoses cracked? If it was the degas hose it is important to know which type of degas hose is installed and if the car was recalled before to have the degas hose changed.
  13. Do not expect any comfort from such a cheap coilover kit. They are usually hard as hell which makes driving the car very uncomforteable. Next to this the durability of cheap coilover kits is usually very poor. A decent quality coilover kit usually costs a lot more money. If you do not plan to sell the car any soon I recommend to go for a decent pair of shock absorbers and a decent lowering kit. Decent quality shock absorbers (for example Sachs, Monroe or KYB/Kayaba) cost about €100,- a piece. A decent lowering kit (for example Eibach Pro-Kit) costs approximately €120,-. Next to this you should also replace the front top strut bearings when replacing the shoch absorbers.
  14. Like Ian said it is very important to use the correct wheel nuts. About 2012 Ford introduced the new design Global wheel nuts and Global wheels. The reason for this was to reduce the large amount of different wheel nuts which were used. Mixing wheels/wheelnut design should be avoided at all times. Note that new original wheels from Ford should come with the correct mounting kit. This kit includes the correct wheel nuts and valve stem. In the past I bought several new wheels from Ford and they always came with the mounting kit. Some sellers however do sell the original wheels without the mounting kit. They simply take the mounting kit out of the box. This way they can reduce the price of the wheel a bit and make a profit out of the mounting kits.
  15. There is no need to change the entire wiring looms. The rear tweeters are connected in parallel with the woofers. The woofers have a 4-pole connector to pass the signal through to the tweeters. If the tweeter wiring is missing it can easily be added. You can make the missing 2 wires yourself or take it out of a scrap car. Most Ford models have the same tweeter connectors so the wiring can also be taken from a different Ford model.