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  1. Swapping Instrument Cluster - Automatic

    Yes, it does (as long as it is correctly configured).
  2. SYNC 1.1 APIM module configuration

    1. Open the Forscan program and wait until a connection with the car is established. 2. Go to the configuration tab (with a processor symbol). 3. Select "APIM Module configuration (AS-BUILT Format)". 4. Make a backup (or printscreen) of the original settings. 5. Change and save whatever you want.
  3. Do you leave your car in gear when you park?

    I always leave my car in 1st gear when parked. I only use the parking brake on steep hills (which are very rare where I live).
  4. SYNC 1.1 APIM module configuration

    Try the following AS-BUILT configuration: 7D0-01-01 111F 88C0 0354 7D0-01-02 4000 001A 7D0-02-01 044E 4C00 0078 7D0-02-02 00DB 7D0-03-01 0000 0000 00DB This configuration is for a SYNC 1.1 APIM module in a Focus MK3 with Emergency Assistance. Vehicles with Emergency Assistance have the additional GPSM module which constantly monitors the GPS location of the car. If a crash is detected by the RCM module the SYNC system automatically calls the emegency services and transmits the GPS location of the car. Unfortunately not every SYNC based Focus MK3 has Emergency Assistance. Whether the car has Emergency Assistance or not depends on the market (country) and production date of the car. Using a configuration for a SYNC 1.1 APIM module which includes the Emergency Assistance settings on a vehicle without Emergency Assistance results in several DTC codes and some warning messages. On a car without Emergency assistance you can try the following AS-BUILT configuration: 7D0-01-01 019F 0840 03С4 7D0-01-02 4000 001A 7D0-02-01 0452 5300 0083 7D0-02-02 00DB 7D0-03-01 024D 0000 002A
  5. Swapping Instrument Cluster - Automatic

    The Level 3 (large display) MK2.5 instrument cluster is only installed to MK2.5 versions with automatic transmission or SatNav. Vehicles with manual transmission or without SatNav have the Level 2 (small display with trip computer) or the Level 1 (small display without trip computer) instrument cluster. The Level 3 MK2.5 instrument cluster can be installed in your car without any problems. However be aware that changing the instrument cluster is not plug and play. The new instrument cluster must be correctly configured to match the settings/options of your car. Next to this on the Focus MK2/MK2.5 the instrument cluster is part of the PATS immobilizer system. When changing the instrumetn cluster the PATS system needs to be reprogrammed.
  6. DIY tool for learning new TPMS

    There are 2 different methods to program TPMS sensors on European Ford models. Step 1: Press the brake 1 time. Step 2: Switch the ignition on/off 3 times (end with the ignition on). Step 3: Press the brake 1 time. Step 4: Switch the ignition on/off 3 times (end with the ignition on). Now the horn will sound which indicates that the TPMS system is in learning mode. Once in learning mode a Ford TPMS tool is needed. Holding the TPMS tool close to the TPMS sensor while pressing the button on the tool basically forces the TPMS valve to transmit a signal. Once in learning mode the front left TPMS sensor needs to be programmed first. When succesful the horn will sound. Now proceed with the remaining sensors in the following sequence front right --> rear right --> rear left. Another much easier way is to change the wheels --> Lock the car and leave it for at least 15 minutes --> Drive the car at a steady speed for at least 20 minutes. The current Ford models do only store a maximum of 4 TPMS sensors. This means that every time the wheels are changed the TPMS sensors needs to be programmed.
  7. Modified Car Valuation?

    If you want to know the value of the car in its current state you need to go to a specialized car appraiser for a valuation. A decent specified valuation is usually accepted by insurers.
  8. Auto locking doors

    Yes, BCM and BCMii are just different names for the same thing. Both refer to the Body Control Module (which is basically a computerized, CANbus controlled fuse box).
  9. Auto locking doors

    The FoCCCus program is designed for the Focus MK3. It was never further developed for the Focus MK3.5. To change the CCC (Central Car Configuration) using hte Forscan program you need an extended license. The extended license can be obtained for free after registration on the Forscan forum. Next go to the "Configuration" tab of the program (marked with a processor symbol). Now the program shows a list of different configuration options. Choose for CCC main and start the procudure to read the CCC. Now the CCC configuration can be edited. When finished simply press "Write" to load the modified configuration into the BCM.
  10. The spark plugs of the 1.0 ECOboost require a 14 mm or 9/16 Inch thin wall spark plug socket.
  11. Switch symbols

    This switch deactivates the ultrasonic interior sensors of the alarm system. This way the alarm system is armed without monitoring the interior. This way the alarm can be used when for excample a dog is left in the car
  12. Please help electrical fault

    You should check the wiring harness to the tailgate. The problems you describe are often caused by broken wiring or damaged wiring insulation. This kind of damage usually occurs inside or near the rubber boot between the tailgate and the body of the car.
  13. DRL's on Mk 3 Focus

    These are the Nolden DRL lights that are sold as an official accessory from Ford. The price is quite normal for the Nolden DRL lights. Next to the Nolden DRL kit Ford also offers a kit of Osram combined DRL/fog lights. It is just a matter of taste but I personally prefer the vertical DRL lights inside the front bumper triangles. I have these DRL lights for almost 3 Years now without any problems. The ones I have are really good quality.
  14. Auto locking doors

    The Autolocking functionality is available on every Focus model since the introduction of the Focus MK1.5 back in 2001. However this functionality is switched OFF as standard on all European versions. On the MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 the Autolocking needs to be activated in the vehicle configuration. Once activated the Autolocking functionality can be switched ON and OFF (if needed) by performing the correct procedure. Ford Europe does officially not support the autolocking function because of legal/responsibility reasons. The autolocking function is still present in the IDS and FRDS software but is greyed out and can not be activated. On the Ford IDS diagnostic system the autolocking function can still be activated from within the engineering mode of the program. However a normal Ford dealer does not use the engineering mode (or does not even know it exists). Because of this a European Ford dealer can officially not activate the autolocking function. However it is perfectly possible to activate the autolocking function on most European Ford models. On a Focus MK3/MK3.5 the autolocking function can be activated by enabling the autolocking function in the Central Car Configuration using a suitible diagnostic system. For example an ELM327 interface and the free FoCCCus (MK3) or Forscan (both MK3 and MK3.5 software.
  15. Advise needed! ABS, GPS...

    On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 the speed is calculated by the ABS module based on the ABS sensors and programmed tire size. The calculated speed is transmitted over the CANbus system to every CANbus module that requires the speed signal. If one of the ABS sensors does not output a correct signal the ABS module can not calculate the correct speed. This can cause problems with all functionality that requires the speed signal. Next to the GPS antenna the SatNav system also uses the speed signal to calculate the position of the vehicle. A missing or incorrect speed signal can cause GPS problems.