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  1. FoCCCus is not suitible for most Focus MK3.5. Only a very limited number of MK3.5 modules are supported by the FoCCCus program. The FoCCCus program is no longer supported by the original author for quite some time now. After the MK3.5 was released some other people made some changes to the FoCCCus program to support the (very early) MK3.5. The latest available FoCCCus version was not made by the original author. Forscan is currently the best program for the Focus MK3/MK3.5
  2. The autolocking function is disabled on European Ford vehicles. Ford Europe does officially not support the autolocking function because of legal/responsibility reasons. The autolocking function is even greyed out in the Ford IDS and FRDS diagnostic systems. A European Ford dealer can officially not activate the autolocking function. However it is perfectly possible to activate the autolocking function on most European Ford models. On a Focus MK3/MK3.5 the autolocking function can be activated by enabling the autolocking function in the Central Car Configuration using a suitible diagnostic system. For example an ELM327 interface and the free Forscan software. Once the autolocking function is activated in the Central Car Configuration it can be switched on or off by performing the procedure as shown in the Youtube video.
  3. Based on the pictures I suspect these connectors to be the C23G and C23H connectors. As far as I can see this connector is involved in the follwing functionality: * Original rear view camera supply. * Blind spot detection system supply. * Radio supply. * Hazard switch supply. * Subwoofer wiring. And probably some other functionality.
  4. After the first signs of overheating you should not have driven the car anymore. You should have had the car towed instead. At that point the engine may not have had any internal damage yet. By driving the car for another Mile without any/enough coolant the engine will certainly develop internal engine damage. Next to this the engine temperature warning light will never be activated if there is no (or not enough) coolant in the system. The temperature sensor measures the coolant temperature. If there is no (or not enough) coolant inside the system the sensor only measures air. Air does not transmit the temperature very well. This causes the engine to seriously overheating without activating the temperature warning light. If the coolant reservoir developed cracks it should have been replaced right away. It does not make any sense not to replace it. The coolant reservoir is an inexpensive part and changing the reservoir prevents a lot of trouble. Did you never check the coolant level? You should check all fluid levels at least once a Month. It is the drivers responsibility to keep the fluids at the correct level. When Ford replaced the engine the first time the new engine is basically a spare part. The Ford parts warranty is applicable on this engine. As far as I know rhe parts warranty for a service/replacement engine is 12 months unless the warranty of the car is a longer period.
  5. To solve this problem you need to take the car to a Ford dealer. A normal car stereo shop will not have the diagnostic equipment to (re)program the FCDIM.
  6. A new FCDIM always needs to be configured before use. A new FCDIM has a blank configuration file. If not properly configured the FCDIM will not work correctly and show the U2100 DTC code.
  7. You need an SD-card for the Ford MFD sat nav system. The SD-cards for this system have a version number that starts with a V. The V7 version is currently the latest (2017) SD-card for this system.
  8. Rear disc brakes are not only aesthetics. In my opinion upgrading the rear drum brakes to disc brakes is definetely worth both the effort and money. I retrofitted the original rear disc brakes to my previous Focus MK2. After retrofitting the rear disc brakes the braking performance has increased significantly. During braking (especially at higher speeds) the car was much more stable with the rear disc brakes. An additional advantage is the parking brake which with disc brakes is a lot more powerful which is pretty useful on steep hills.
  9. Yes it is possible to change the standard audio system with 3.5 Inch monochrome display or 4.2 Inch full color display for the SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 system with 8 Inch touchscreen. However the wiring is also different. Next to the complete SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 system you also need the complete dashboard wiring harness or you have to modify the existing wiring harness yourself. If the car currently has the SYNC 1.1 system the wiring issue can be solved quite easily by using an adapter harness that connects between the SYNC 1.1 APIM connector and the SYNC 2 / SYNC 3 APIM. This adapter harness does not exist so you have to make it yourself.
  10. On a Focus mk3/MK3.5 with start button the battery of the key fob is used for both the remote central locking and the keyless PATS (immobilizer) signal transmission. If the car can be started as usual using the start button the battery of the key fob will be perfectly fine. If the key fob battery is low on power there will be a warning message displayed on the instrument cluster display. When only the remote central locking is not working the problem will most likely be caused by a defective key fob (not transmitting the lock/unlock signal) or a defective signal receiver inside the car.
  11. Retrofitting the rear disc brakes to a Focus MK3/MK3.5 can be done without any problems. The procedure to retrofit the rear disc brakes is for 99% the same as for the Focus MK2/MK2.5. Only all of the part numbers needed are different. I made a guide for retrofitting the rear disc brakes to a Focus MK2/MK2.5. This guide can be downloaded from the following link: brake to Disc brake conversion.pdf?dl=0 Apart from all part numbers retrfitting the rear disc brakes is identical for the Focus MK3/MK3.5. Note that rear drum brakes are really rare on a Focus MK3/MK3.5. Most European countries do have rear disc brakes as standard for all Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions. Even in the Netherlands where I live (with no hills at all) rear disc brakes are standard. Also note that the Focus mK3/MK3.5 only has 1 size rear disc brakes. Both the 278 mm and 300 mm front disc brakes are combined with 280 mm rear disc brakes.
  12. If you want to change the oval shaped Ford radio for a 2-DIN size radio you also need to change the oval shaped dashboard panel for a square one. Personally i would not change the Travelpilot FX for a cheap Chinese radio. The sound quality of a cheap Chinese radio is not nearly as good as the sound quality of a (€1500,-) Travelpilot FX.
  13. If your car has the square shaped radio and the new 2-DIN radio has ISO connectors this will work. The aerial convertor incuded in this kit however may not be correct as most Focus MK2/MK2.5 do not have a Fakra aerial connector. Another point of concern may be the steering wheel control. Many Chinese generic 2-DIN radio's do not support steering wheel control. If they do support steering wheel control you will most likely need a convertor that converts the Ford steering wheel control (resistance) signal to the correct input signal for the radio.
  14. Personally I would not buy a F5 SD-card. The F5 SD-card contains 2013 map material which is extremely outdated. The new F6 SD-card that was recently released contains 2016 map material. The SYNC 2 SD-cards can easily be copied. Both the F5 and F6 files can be downloaded from several websites. You only have to search for it.
  15. This radio has the 2-DIN format. The original square and oval shaped Focus MK2/MK2.5 radio's have different dimensions. To install a 2-DIN format radio you need a 2-DIN facia or a facia adapter and a Ford --> ISO wiring adapter.