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  1. Filling and bleeding the coolant system on this type of engine can be a real nightmare. By filling the coolant system the usual way through the coolant reservoir a certain amount of air gets trapped inside the coolant system. This air will not be purged out of the system during normal operation. The air inside the coolant system can even prevent the thermostat from opening and in worst case scenario can even cause engine damage. To prevent air to get trapped into the coolant system the coolant system needs to be vacuum filled. This method is also prescribed by Ford. As an alternative you can try to raise the front of the car about 20 to 30 cm and let the engine run at about 2000 RPM until the engine reaches the normal operating temperature and the thermostat opens. when doing this you should look careful for the coolant level because at some point when the air is purged out of the system the coolant level will drop quite a bit. The coolant reservoir cap has a spring operated valve which opens when the pressure inside the coolant system becomes too high. When the coolant is boiling (the boiling point of coolant is about 135 degees Clelsius) the pressure inside the coolant system will become too high and opens the valve inside the coolant reservoir cap. When this happens the coolant will be drained through the drain pipe of the reservoir. When the reservoir does not have a drain pipe the coolant will leak between the cap and the reservoir.
  2. The 2007 ZX5 is a USA version. This type of vehicle is never sold in Europe and is completely different from the European Focus MK2. The part number you mentioned is also a USA part number. The USA part number format is different form the European part number format. Part number 6S4Z-6161203-A is only the seat belt buckle mechanism. This does not include the actual seat belt pretensioner. As far as I can see the pretensioner assembly also includes the seat belt buckle mechanism. However because USA parts are not listed in the European Ecat parts software I can not search the correct part number you need. Be aware that a new pretensioner assembly is pretty expensive from Ford. Personally I would search for a used part at a scrap yard for a car of this age.
  3. The Focus MK3/Mk3.5 does not have the factory fitted alarm system as standard. The factory fitted alarm system is an optional extra. There are 2 different factory fitted alarm systems. The standard perimeter alarm system and the slightly more advanced Thatcham approved alarm system. insurance companies in most European countries do not accept the Thatcham certification. In these countries both the standard perimeter alarm system and the Thatcham approved alarm system are not accepted by insurance companies. Because of this very few people order the factory fitted alarm systems. The original alarm systems are fully controlled by the BCM (Body Control Module) and can easily be retrofitted. However Ford does not offer a retrofit kit for the MK2/MK2.5 like they did for older Ford models. All parts need to bought seperately which makes retrofitting of the alarm systems quite expensive. Personally I would go for a decent certified aftermarket CANbus alarm that integrates into the existing vehicle electronics. Preferably a CANbus alarm system that uses the existing keyfob or Keyless entry system.
  4. The Timing belt of the 1.4/1.6 Duratec needs to be changed every 8 Years or 160.000 KM/100.000 MLS (whichever comes first). In your case the timing belt should have been replaced back in 2014. Like Ian already said this type of engine has solid tappets. The valve clearance needs to be checked/adjusted every 160.000 KM/100.000 MLS. If necessary the valve clearance must be adjusted by changing the complete tappets. These tappets are available in dozens of different sizes. The correct tappet size can be determined by measuring the valve clearance and the tappets. To change the tappets the timing belt and camshafts needs to be removed. Because of this the valve clearance should always be checked when changing the timing belt. The 1.4/1.6 Duratec engine is known to be at bit noisy when cold. However there should be no excessive noise when the engine is warm. If the engine makes excessive noise when warm there is clearly something wrong.
  5. The alarm system was (and still is) an optional extra. This is not a standard feature. The owner manual is applicable to all different trim levels and descibes every possible feature and option that was available. The original alarm system was combined with double locking. The first press on the lock button of the keyfob locks the car the usual way. A second press on the lock button of the keyfob activates the double locking function and makes it impossible to open the car from the inside. Get inside the car and press the lock button of the keyfob twice. If the car can be opened from the inside the cat has normal single locking and no factory fitted alarm system. If the car can not be opened from the inside the car has double locking and possibly also the original alarm system. If the car has the original alarm system it should be activated when trying to open the door from inside the car.
  6. It is perfectly possible to retrofit the original Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. To do this you need the following parts: * Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. For your car this is part number 8M5T-19G488-xx * Mounting bracket for the module. * Radio remote with "VOICE" button. * Microphone. * Interior light frame with mounting hole for the microphone (if not already installed). * Wiring loom for the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system (if not already installed). Note that the standard Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system only supports Bluetooth phone functionality. If you want additional features like Bluetooth Audio you need the more advanced Sound & Connect system. The Sound & Connect system is based on the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system but has some additional features like USB, Bluetooth/Audio and Ipod support. The Sound & Connect system has a different type of Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. The part number of the Sound & Connect module is 8M5T-19C112-xx. Next to the different type of module the Sound & Connect system also requires 2 different USB cables and the USB panel and socket that is installed into the armrest. Note that the additional Sound & Connect features are only supported by the Premium GEN 3 Sony radio's and the Travelpilot FX and NX SatNav systems. The standard 6000CD radio does not support these features. Be aware that retrofitting the complete Sound & Connect system is not cheap. All needed parts will currently cost over €600,- at a Ford dealer. Used parts are also pretty expensive. Parts of the Sound & Connect are pretty popular which results in high prices. A complete kit will easily sell for €200,-. Another point of concern is that the support of this system stopped in 2012 (the latest available update was released in November 2012). Since then the system beacame more and more outdated.
  7. The code scanner from your link is a generic one. This will only show DTC codes that apply to the OBDII standard. Manufacturer specific DTC codes will not be shown. Forscan is a much more advanced manufacturer specific diagnostic software system. Next to all DTC codes that apply to the OBDII standard Forscan will also show all Ford specific DTC codes of every single CANbus module of the car. Next to this Forscan also has the ability to change the configuration of many CANbus modules.
  8. The new mist type washer jets should work without a problems. The Focus MK3/MK3.5 have the mist type washer jets as standard in combination with a high pressure pump. On lower vehicle speeds the mist type washer jets should cover the whole windscreen. If they only cover half of the screen there is something wrong. This can be caused by a defective pump or dirt inside the hoses or washer jets. Older Ford models did have the spray type washer jets in combination with a lower pressure pump. Combining the old spray type washer jets with the Focus MK3/MK3.5 high pressure pump will cause the reservoir to be empty very soon.
  9. The U DTC codes were generated at a mileage of 43397.0 km. The P027A DTC code is generated at a mileage of 45693.0 km This basically means that the U DTC codes are not recently generated. U codes are basically communication related codes. these codes can be caused during diagnostics. The FoCCCus software for example is known to cause these codes during configuration. If the U codes do not come back immediately after they have been deleted you can ignore them. The P027A DTC code is the most recently stored DTC code. This code suggests a fuel pump problem. An open circuit can be caused by a defective fuel pump or a wiring problem. This can also be the reason for the engine to cut out. The PCM does not actively shut down the engine in case of a problem/DTC code. When your engine stopped it was not shut down by the PCM. The engine stopped because of a technical problem (most likely the non functional fuel pump).
  10. The SYNC 2 system with and without navigation is technically identical. To retrofit the navigation functionality the system needs to be reconfigured to activate the navigation functions and the system needs to be licensed. The SYNC 2 system with navigation has an additional NA licence. Without the correct license file installed the navigation functionality will not work. There are very few people that have the knowledge and ability to license the SYNC 2 system properly.
  11. The Chinese aftermarket pedal covers are also a direct fit without any screws or bolts. These replacements come with replacement rubber pedal covers and the stainless steel inserts. The replacement rubber covers have the same fitment as the standard rubber pedal covers. The stainless steel inserts have tabs which needs to be bent to secure them on the rubber pedal cover. I bought a Chinese aftermarket pedal cover kit a few Months ago from Ebay for about €7,- including P&P. I was actually quite impressed by the quality of this product. The rubber pedal covers and the laser cut stainless steel inserts are a perfect fit and look very nice.
  12. Retrofitting Cruise Control to a Focus MK3.5 can be done without any problems. The procedure is exactly the same as the procedure for the Focus MK3. The only difference is the shape of the steering wheel. The Focus MK3 and MK3.5 Cruise Control system is basically the same. As a matter of fact the Focus MK3 and MK3.5 steering wheels are interchangeable. A complete MK3.5 steering wheel with Cruise Control buttons should come with the correct steering wheel wiring. Apart from the activation process the installation should be plug and play. Note that the FoCCCus software does only have limited support for the Focus MK3.5. Some BCM/IPC hardware version numbers are supported while other hardware version numbers are not supported. As an alternative the Forscan software can be used. However this requires the extended licence which can be obtained for free after registration on the Forscan website.
  13. The firmware version of your radio is 04-05-02. This firmware version belongs to a GEN 2 Sony radio. This basically means that the radio you installed is not compatible with the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system of the car. To make it work you either have to replace the radio by a GEN 3 Sony radio or to replace the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module by a 1st generation module and some modifications to the wiring.
  14. windscreen

    A snapped ribbon will in 99% of all cases result in a new windscreen.
  15. A module with part number 8M5T-19G488-CK is a 2nd generation module without USB support. This type of module can only be updated by a Ford dealer. However in 2012 Ford stopped the support for the 2nd generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system so there are simply no recent software updates available. The Ford Audio Update is only suitable for the 2nd generation modules with USB support. These modules have a different part number (8M5T-19C112-xx). What type of radio did you install? A module with part number 8M5T-19G488-CK is only compatible with a GEN 3 Sony radio. The older GEN 2 Sony radio's look identical to the GEN 3 Sony radio's but are based on the older 1st generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. Whether the radio is a GEN 2 or GEN 3 Sony can be identified by the part number of the radio and the production date printed on a sticker on the radio. GEN 3 Sony radio's were available from approximately 05-2008. Using an incompatible radio can be one of the reasons to cause the problems you describe.