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  1. Sat nav connections

    The white Fakra connector on the ACM is used for the 2nd (FM) antenna. The 2nd antenna is integrated in the rear window (hatchback) or left rear side window (estate). The 2nd antenna is an amplified antenna which is only present on Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions that ar equipped with the High Level audio system (and all systems that are based on the High Level audio system). The Low Level audio system only has 1 antenna.
  2. Sat nav connections

    The GPS antenna is conected to the Blue Fakra connector of the FCDIM. The Black Fakra connector of the antenna which is currently connected to the ACM needs to be disconnected and connected to the Black Fakra connector of the FCDIM. A short cable with a Pink Fakra connector at one side and a black Fakra connector at the other side connects th Pink Fakra connector of the FCDIM with the Black Fakra connector of the ACM.
  3. Sat nav connections

    Black is the antennal input (both FM and DAB). Pink is the antenna output. The antenna output of the FCDIM is connected to the antenna input of the ACM. The FCDIM is connected between the antenna and the ACM. the FCDIM uses the antenna signal for TMC reception and passes the antenna signal through to the ACM.
  4. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    If the stretch belt is slipping it needs to be replaced.
  5. No, they can't. the Focus MK2/MK2.5 is not that advanced. Does your car have the standard 2-electric window system or the more advanced 4-electric window system (comfort windows)? If the car has the standard 2-electric window system you can make it work by changing the ignition switched power supply to a permanent power supply. Or even better to a power supply that is active while the CANbus system is active. This way the windows can be opened after unlocking the car until about 30 minutes after the car is locked and the CANbus system enters its sleep mode. If the car has the more advanced comfort window system it is a lot more difficult. This window system is CANbus controlled and changing the power supply would not bring much. You should never apply a permanent power supply to an ignition switched power supply. Many of the fuses are internally connected at the input side. Applying permanent power to a fuse that is ignition switched can also put a permanent power supply on other circuits of the GEM module/fuse box (which is basically a computer controlled fuse box). This can seriously damage the GEM module/fuse box or even cause a fire.
  6. Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates

    Currently there are no new maps for SYNC 3. The SYNC 3 map data that is currently factory installed is outdated. It uses a 2014 base map. There are a lot of complaints about this subject. in some countries some people even received a partial refund because of non conformity and Ford was not able to solve it within reasonable time. Based on several sources Ford is currently developing the new map data and a way to distribute the update. Official Ford communication stated that the update should be available within a dew months and that it needs to be installed from USB. Whether this update can be installed by the owner from a USB drive or only can be installed by a Ford dealer is still unknown. Some official sources say that the map updates will be free of charge for the first 7 Years. However this is not officially confirmed and I do not know if this applies to all countries or only certain countries.
  7. Looking to buy a Mk3 1.6 ecoboost

    No, the 1.6 ECOboost has no wetbelt but a normal (dry) timing belt. The 1.6 ECOboost is basically based on the old Sigma (1.25/1.4/1.6 Zetec/Duratec) engine family. The 1.6 ECOboost (also called 1.6 Sigma GTDI) is a direct injected, turbocharged further development of the 1.6 Duratec TI-VCT engine.
  8. Elmconfig Or Forscan

    Yes, it can. However the Focus MK3/MK3.5 has very limited AS-BUILT data configuration. On older Ford models and most USA Ford models all functionality is configured completely by AS-BUILT data. On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 most of the functionality is configured by CCC (Central Car Configuration) data. The CCC data is stored in both the BCM (main file) and IPC (back-up file). Only a limited number of CANbus modules do have an (additional) AS-BUILT configuration. In extended mode the ForScan program can configure both the AS-BUILT data and CCC data.
  9. Looking to buy a Mk3 1.6 ecoboost

    The 1.6 ECOboost engine has a timing belt. The prescribed changing interval for the timing belt is 125000 Miles or 10 Years (whichever comes first). Service is scheduled every 12500 miles or every Year (whichever comes first).
  10. Elmconfig Or Forscan

    ForScan is currently compatible with 95% of the Ford models build after approximately 1998 (even some earlier models are supported). The exact functionality however can differ between the different Ford models. The more advanced functionality is only included in the extended mode which requires the extended licence. The extended licence can be obtained for free after registration on the ForScan forum. The extended licence is 2 months valid and can easily be renewed after this period.
  11. Elmconfig Or Forscan

    The FoCCCus software is no longer developed any further. There will never be full support for the MK3.5. The FoCCCus software is originally developed for the Focus MK3. The original developer of the FoCCCus software stopped developing the software any further about 3 Years ago. After the MK3.5 was introduced the FoCCCus software turned out to be not fully functional on the MK3.5. This is because of the different hardware and software version numbers of the MK3.5. At that time the original developer of the program did not plan to modify the program to work with the MK3.5. However after the introduction of the MK3.5 some other people decided to make some changes to the FoCCCus program to add Focus MK3.5 support. These changes are included in the latest available FoCCCus version (which is not made by the original author). Unfortunately after a relative short time Ford changed the hardware and software version numbers again. These changes are never included in the FoCCCus program (and probably will never be included). At the moment the ForScan software with extended licence (which can be obtained for free) is the best software solution for the Focus MK3.5.
  12. Elmconfig Or Forscan

    The FoCCCus program only works on some very early versions of the MK3.5. Later MK3.5 versions have different hardware versions that are not supported by the FoCCCus program.
  13. ELM config help

    As the warning message says there is a non empty VID-block found in the PCM module. If you want to change the VID-block (Configuration file) of the PCM you also have to reprogram the PCM software otherwise it is not possible to change the VID-block.
  14. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Strange enough the Fiesta 125 HP version of the same age has a different turbo than my Focus MK3 125 HP version. Today I compared my turbo with a spare turbo I have lying arround (possible future project). This spare turbo came from a similar (125 HP) engine but has a different part number. The coolant connection pipes of my cars turbo are made of high quality stainless steel (non magnetic). The coolant connection pipes of my spare turbo are made of less quality stainless steel or even ordinary steel (magnetic).
  15. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Ford Denmark stated that this problem only affects the 100 HP and 125 HP version of the 1.0 ECOboost. The 140 HP version has a different turbo and is not affected. During production of the 1.0 ECOboost engine Ford used a few different turbo's. Which turbo is installed depends on production date and power output of the engine. The 125 HP version in my 2013 Focus MK3 for example has exactly the same turbo as the 140 HP version.