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  1. The following parts are installed/replaced during the recall: New coolant reservoir. New coolant reservoir cap. New thermostat. New coolant bypass valve. New coolant standpipe with coolant level sensor. New wiring harness between the coolant level sensor and the EPAS module. Modification of the battery tray (needed for the new wiring harness). New, modified coolant hoses (the new hoses have a completely different routing and design than the old ones). Mounting hardware (Bolts, screws, clips, etc. ). Reprogramming of the IPC (instrument cluster) with new software. Reprogramming of the PCM with new software (any remap will be lost). Filling and bleeding of the coolant system. The full description of this recall (which is applicable on all Ford models with the 1.6 ECOboost) is 56 pages long.
  2. 1.5 Ecoboost modifications

    Yes , the 4-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost has a watercooled intercooler. The 4-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost engine is expected to retire soon. On the new Focus MK4 (which will be released within a few months) this engine will be replaced by an all new 3-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost. Knowing this very few manufacturers of aftermarket parts develop parts for this engine.
  3. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    Without knowing the exact definition of "precision balancing" it is very difficult to determine if this service is actually worth the extra money or not. Personally I do not want the weights to be visible from the outside. I always ask specifically to put the weights only behind the spokes of the wheels. Mounting tyres / balancing the wheels this way takes significantly more time than standard mounting/balancing. I am more than willing to pay an additional fee for this. Last Year I paid €80,- to mount the tyres and balance 4 wheels this way at a local tyre specialist. I supplied the wheels and tyres (all brand new) myself so I only paid the tyre specialist for its services
  4. Keyless entry retrofit?

    Compared to the normal remote central locking system the keyless entry system is no larger security risk. On both systems the doors can easily be unlocked by intercepting and transmitting the keyfob signal. Compared to the conventional ignition key system the keyless start system is a major security risk. On a keyless start vehicle the car can be started by simply intercepting/transmitting the keyfob signal and pressing the start button. The only reason why I still have my car is because it has a conventional ignition key system with folding keys. Last Year my car was parked inside a large parking garage. When I arrived at my car the doors were unlocked and the storage compartment in front of the OBD port was removed. Because the car was unlocked by intercepting/transmitting the keyfob signal the alarm was also switched off. After the thieves discovered the conventional ignition barrel they moved on to the next Ford. Several Fords were stolen that day and they all had keyless start.
  5. SYNC 1.1 APIM module configuration

    At this time I do not have the SYNC 1.1 APIM configuration of the 10 speaker Sony audio system. To retrieve the correct configuration I need a license plate number or VIN number of a Focus MK3 with a SYNC 1.1 based 10 speaker Sony audio system. Unfortunately these are very hard to find.
  6. Front parking sensor on focus mk3

    No, that is not possible. Without the wiring and front sensors connected a PAM module that supports both front and rear parking sensors generates DTC codes and disables the complete parking sensor system.
  7. Latest Sync 1.1 update / version

    The SYNC 1.0 system can only be updated by a Ford dealer. Ford stopped the support for this system about 4 Years ago. There are very few people who want to update the SYNC 1.0 system. Most Ford dealers charge rediculous money for updating the SYNC 1.0 system. A 2013 Focus with SYNC 1.0 should have one of the latest available software versions anyway. Upgrading to the SYNC 1.1 system by changing (and reprogramming) the APIM module will be much easier (and probably also be cheaper).
  8. Latest Sync 1.1 update / version

    Sync 1.1 was introduced in 2014. A 2013 Focus MK3 should have the SYNC 1.0 system. The type of APIM (SYNC) module can be determined by the part number. SYNC 1.0 APIM modules have a part number that starts with AM5T- or BM5T-. SYNC 1.1 APIM modules have a part number that starts with D1BT-, E1BT or F1BT. The latest available update for the SYNC 1.1 system is version V5.9 which was released over 2 Years ago. Later versions are also available but only from an official Ford dealer and a limited number of different APIM versions. Your car has the SYNC 1.0 system.
  9. USB/Bluetooth

    USB is a data connection and no audio connection. When connecting a phone to the radio by using the USB conection the phone must be configured as a mass storage device. Now the audio files that are stored on the phones internal and external memory can be played from the Ford audio system (as long as the audio file format is suported).
  10. Ford Focus LX (54 Plate) Alarm System?

    Double locking can only be activated if the car actually has the "double locking" locks. It is not possible to activate the double locking function on a car with "standard" locks.
  11. Auto locking doors

    This warning is completely normal and will be displayed for every parameter you change.
  12. Fuel filter change guide/help

    The reason why you did not find any guide is because there simply is no changeable fuel filter on your car. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 Petrol versions do not have a changeable fuel filter. There is only a strainer mounted at the intake of the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank. This strainer is not a serviceable part.
  13. US HID Adaptive Headlight Housing

    Be aware that autoleveling is not mandatory for HID headlights in the USA. In the USA most vehicles with factory fitted HID lights do have a manual headlight leveling system. USA Focus MK3 HID headlights for example have exactly the same manual headlight leveling system as the European Focus MK3 halogen headlights. This may also be the same for the USA Focus MK3.5 HID headlights.
  14. TPMS - Disable

    Ford installed the TPMS tyre deflation detection system as standard on Focus MK3 versions produced after approximately 03-2014. Earlier vehicles did have the optional DDS tyre defation detection system. TPMS based Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions do no longer support the DDS system. DDS is simply no longer supported by the electronics. TPMS can be disabled but as already said before this is illegal.
  15. Focus headlights

    The square cutouts are for the original HID ballasts. There are no blanking plates available for these cutouts. If you want to blank them you have to make the blanking plates yourself. These lights are not suitible for halogen light bulbs. There are no halogen bulbs that are a direct fit into the D1S projectors of these headlights. Also be aware that the Focus MK2.5 HID lights have different height adjustment motors. The height adjustment motors of the HID headlights are not suitible for the manual (electric) height control system of the halogen headlights. The height adjustment motors are fully integrated into the headlight housing and can not be replaced (halogen height adjustment motors do not even fit inside these headlights). When installing these headlights you will loose the manual (electric) height control. These headlights are basically just aftermarket replacement shells for the OEM HID headlights. If you want to use these headlights you should install the original HID ballasts, HID lights and autolevelling system. Every other setup will require major modifications to make them even work.