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  1. The front foglight wiring is not always present on a Focus MK2/MK2.5 without front foglights. If the foglight wiring is not present it needs to be installed. Ford used to sell the front foglight wiring harness as an accessoire part but unfortunately this wiring harness is currently no longer available. This basically means that when the front foglight wiring is not present you either have to take the wiring harness out of a scrap car or you have to make the wiring harness yourself.
  2. The green 4-pin connecter at the back of the FCDIM is indeed for the reverse camera. This 4-pin connector is a Rosenberger HSD connector. Older FCDIM types did have a more common Fakra connector for the reverse camera.
  3. My car has (front and) rear parking sensors and I removed the rear bumper a few times without any problems. There is a connector behind the rear bumper (under the car) that connects the rear parking sensor harness to the interior harness. When removing the rear bumper you only have to disconnect this connector. The rear parking sensor harness remains installed to the rear bumper.
  4. No, you can not. the HID lights need to be configured in the Central Configuration of the BCM. Another problem may be the wiring. On halogen vehicles the additional wiring needed for HID lights is often missing. In this case the missing wiring will need to be added. HID headlights do also have an additional control module. This module controls the automatic height adjustment. HID lights do have different height adjustment motors from the halogen headlights. The manual electric height adjustment does not work in combination with HID lights.
  5. Ford does not have a changelog included with the software files. Because of this the changes and/or improvements of a new software version are basically unknown.
  6. TMC is a FCDIM (display) function. If TMC was an ACM function there would be no need to connect the antenna to the FCDIM.
  7. No, it does not. The throttle body electronics basically consist of the Throttle Position Sensor (which measures the actual position of the throttle plate) and a small electric motor (that drives the throttle plate). The PCM uses the Throttle Position Sensor to measure the actual position of the throttle plate and uses this information to control the electic motor that drives the throttle plate. This is basically a self learning system. You can only reset the KAM (Keep Alive Memory). Resetting the KAM Forces the PCM to run a standard mode with pre-programmed parameters. During a longer drive the PCM starts to adapt these parameters by using its self learning capabilities.
  8. On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 TPS related DTC codes can also be caused by a defective instrument cluster. All Focus MK2/MK2.5 versions have a drive by wire throttle pedal. The throttle pedal has a position sensor (basically just a potentiometer) which is directly connected to the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster converts the analog sensor signal to a digital CANbus signal and communicates this signal to the PCM. The PCM controls the electronic throttle body. Bad soldering connections of the instrument cluster circuit board can result in a bad connection (or no connection at all). This can generate the DTC code and even put the car in limp mode.
  9. This is a receiver for the Keyless Start system. Keyless Start vehicles have several receivers inside the car to receive the PATS immobilizer signal of the passive keys.
  10. Ford does not sell connector pins as a spare part. Ford sells a limited number of connector types as a pigtail connector for wiring repair purposes. However these pigtail connectors are way overpriced. The easiest way to obtain the correct connector pins is from an electronic specialist. However for this you need to know the exact brand and type of connector. Ford uses several different connector types from several manufacturers. The brand/type of most connectors can be determined by the product number that is casted onto the connector housing. Based on this number you can search for the connector specifications. These specifications will also list the connector pins part number that are compatible with the particular type of connector. Most connector pins are easily available from electronic specialists or wholesale suppliers. Many suppliers however only sell connector pins in larger numbers (usually at least 100) or charge you high P&P costs. The easiest and cheapest ways to obtain the missing wiring is from a local scrap yard.
  11. The footwell lights do indeed need to be activated.
  12. If you got a letter about the degas hose the recall will be applicable to your car. Only (known) owners that owned an affected vehicle were sent a letter. If the recall was not applicable you would not have got a letter at all. Just out of curiousity, does the Ford Etis website show an Outstanding Field Service Action for your registration/VIN number?
  13. First it is important to know whether the recall is or is not applicable to your car. If the recall is applicable to your car and the Ford dealer did not change the affected degas hose for the new improved design hose you can hold the Ford dealer responsible for the hose and possible consequential damages. If the recall is not applicable to your car the Ford dealer can not be held responsible. In this case the Ford dealer basically did nothing wrong. They only could have strongly recommended you to change the hose to avoid future problems. If the recall was not applicable to your car all costs of the repair will be charged to you. Being a 5 Year old car the warranty has ended long ago. A recall does not change this.
  14. Hi, can you help? I have a 1.6 t eco on 2011 mk3. Broke down last week without warning. Lost all coolant. Think may be De-Gas hose split (as spikecast). ford said could repair but phoned on Friday and told a new engine is required!! 65k on clock with no reported recall notifications. Part is Fomoco BV16. Plastic pipe and brittle to touch. I'll try and upload photo of part. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Richard.


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    1. JW1982


      Despite being similar to the 1.0 ECOboost degas hose there never was a recall for the degas hose of the 1.6 ECOboost. On this type of engine the degas hose is officially not confirmed a known problem.

      The Ford dealer only could have strongly recommended you to change the hose during a service to avoid future problems. Many Ford dealers just change these hoses during a service as a precaution. The Dutch Ford dealer association (which are not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company) for example sent a letter to there members to recommend them to change the hose. When i bought my car in 2014 the Ford dealer showed me this letter. However this is no official documentation from Ford. 

      In this case there was no recvall applicable to your car so all costs of the repair will be charged to you. Ford does not supply internal engine parts so in case of engine damage the engine will have to be replaced (which is usually cheaper than a rebuild).

      Another problem is that there is not just 1 type of the 1.6 ECOboost engine. During time Ford changed many parts on this type of engine. At some point they even changed the cylinder head design. There are basically 5 or 6 different versions of the 1.6 ECOboost which all have different hardware/software. Only the latest version of the 1.6 ECOboost is available as a service engine (older versions are no longer available). This basically means that some sensors, some other additional parts and the PCM software will also need to be changed.    



    2. richardk


      Thank you, your time, help and explanation is appreciated. Regards

  15. Be aware that the recall was only applicable to certain production batches of the degas hose. Because of this the recall was not applicable to all Focus MK3 1.0 ECOboost engines. Very early Focus MK3 cars with the 1.0 ECOboost did have a slightly different/older design degas hose. Despite being similar to the the one that was recalled this older design degas hose was never recalled. Being a 2012 model the car of the topicstarter may have the early design degas hose that was never recalled.