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  1. Retrofitting the rear disc brakes to a Focus MK3/MK3.5 can be done without any problems. The procedure to retrofit the rear disc brakes is for 99% the same as for the Focus MK2/MK2.5. Only all of the part numbers needed are different. I made a guide for retrofitting the rear disc brakes to a Focus MK2/MK2.5. This guide can be downloaded from the following link: brake to Disc brake conversion.pdf?dl=0 Apart from all part numbers retrfitting the rear disc brakes is identical for the Focus MK3/MK3.5. Note that rear drum brakes are really rare on a Focus MK3/MK3.5. Most European countries do have rear disc brakes as standard for all Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions. Even in the Netherlands where I live (with no hills at all) rear disc brakes are standard. Also note that the Focus mK3/MK3.5 only has 1 size rear disc brakes. Both the 278 mm and 300 mm front disc brakes are combined with 280 mm rear disc brakes.
  2. If you want to change the oval shaped Ford radio for a 2-DIN size radio you also need to change the oval shaped dashboard panel for a square one. Personally i would not change the Travelpilot FX for a cheap Chinese radio. The sound quality of a cheap Chinese radio is not nearly as good as the sound quality of a (€1500,-) Travelpilot FX.
  3. If your car has the square shaped radio and the new 2-DIN radio has ISO connectors this will work. The aerial convertor incuded in this kit however may not be correct as most Focus MK2/MK2.5 do not have a Fakra aerial connector. Another point of concern may be the steering wheel control. Many Chinese generic 2-DIN radio's do not support steering wheel control. If they do support steering wheel control you will most likely need a convertor that converts the Ford steering wheel control (resistance) signal to the correct input signal for the radio.
  4. Personally I would not buy a F5 SD-card. The F5 SD-card contains 2013 map material which is extremely outdated. The new F6 SD-card that was recently released contains 2016 map material. The SYNC 2 SD-cards can easily be copied. Both the F5 and F6 files can be downloaded from several websites. You only have to search for it.
  5. This radio has the 2-DIN format. The original square and oval shaped Focus MK2/MK2.5 radio's have different dimensions. To install a 2-DIN format radio you need a 2-DIN facia or a facia adapter and a Ford --> ISO wiring adapter.
  6. Based on Etis the Focus MK2/MK2.5 1.8 TDCI should have 300 mm front discs and 280 mm rear discs. It is however recommendeable to measure the discs before buying because the exact specifications can be bifferent for some countries.
  7. Part number AM5T-18B955-CL is a direct replacement for part number AM5T-18B955-CG Based on the Ford Ecat system the following part numbers are interchangeable: AM5T-18B955-CB AM5T-18B955-CC AM5T-18B955-CD AM5T-18B955-CE AM5T-18B955-CF AM5T-18B955-CG AM5T-18B955-CH AM5T-18B955-CJ AM5T-18B955-CJ AM5T-18B955-CL Part number AM5T-18B955-CL is the latest avialable version of this part. This part number replaces all previous part numbers. This is currently the only available part number of this part. When ordering any of the part numbers mentioned above you will always receive part number AM5T-18B955-CL (as long as the Ford dealer does not carry old stock). The U2101 DTC code suggests that the FCDIM is not correctly configured. Apart from the Central Car Configuration most modules do also have their own AS-BUILT based configuration. Part number AM5T-18B955-CL is used for several Ford models. Each Ford model is usually differntly configured. If the FCDIM came from a different Ford model it will need to be configured correctly. Being fully compatible part number AM5T-18B955-CL should work without any problems if configured correctly. Does the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module show any signs of live? The Bluetooth/Voicecontrol modules are known to be a very delicate/sensitive piece of electronic. Defective Bluetooth/Voicecontrol modules are quite common. If the defective FCDIM was caused by a defective battery it would not surprise me at all if the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module also turns out to be defective.
  8. Find yourself a Focus MK3.5 on the internet with exactly the same engine/transmission, trim level and options as your car but with Cruise Control. The production date of both cars must be about the same (preferably within a Month). Using the registration numbers or VIN numbers of both vehicles it is possible to determine the part and software numbers of most modules (I can do this if you like). In this case the part numbers/software numbers of the BCM, SASM and PCM are important. If these part numbers and software numbers are identical (or at least interchangeable) the problem will be caused by a configuration issue. If part numbers are different the problem can also be caused by non compatible hardware. If the problem turns out to be caused by a configuration issue the easiest way to solve it is by changing the VIN number of your car to the VIN number of the car with Cruise Control. Next by using the Ford IDS /FRDS diagnostic system the particular modules can be reprogrammed using AS-BUILT data. The system uses the programmed VIN number to search and download the AS-BUILT data from the Ford database. By changing the programmed VIN number the diagnostic system will download the AS-BUILT data of that particular VIN number. All configuration settings will be reprogrammed using the AS-BUILT data (which in this case is from a car with Cruise Control). I suspect that the problem is caused by the BCM so I would start with reprogramming the BCM. If reprogramming the BCM does not solve the problem you have to reprogram the PCM. After the affected modules are reprogrammed the programmed VIN number can be changed back to the original VIN number. This method should work. I succesfully used this method a few times before to activate some other options and to convert a USA instrument cluster into a European instrument cluster.
  9. The original Ford MFD sat nav system can be retrofitted without any problems. I did this to my focus MK3 and also guided many other people to do the same. On a SYNC 1.0/1.1 based Focus MK3 it is even possible to retrofit the USA My Ford Touch or European SYNC 2 system without much modifications. The problem with part numbers is that there are at least 20+ different part numbers for the 5 inch sat nav FCDIM alone. Some are interchangeable and some other are not interchangeable.
  10. First you have to know the part numbers of the existing ACM (Audio Control Module) and FCDIM (Display). Based on these numbers I can find the correct part numbers that are 100% compatible with your car. The Sony sat nav facia alone will cost over €300,-. When buying all needed parts from Ford it will cost over €1200,- to retrofit the original sat nav system. Personally I would just search for a complete (SYNC 1.0/1.1 based) Sony sat nav system. For example from a local scrap yard or Ebay. Preferably from a car that has approximately the same age as your car.
  11. Yes, the MK3 RS air filter housing top cover will fit perfectly on the air filter housing of the 1.0 ECOboost. Be aware that a brand new complete Focus MK3 RS air filter housing assembly (including the top cover and original paper air filter) cost about €110,- from Ford. With a bit of discount even less. In some cases even cheaper than a used one frome Ebay.
  12. Setting #214 has nothing to do with the Cruise Control system. This setting is for the audio system control panel. Every single type of audio system that is used in the Focus MK3/MK3.5 has its own configuration setting.
  13. Yes they will. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 has exactly the same bolt pattern and hub diameter as the Focus MK3/MK3.5.
  14. The Travelpilot FX should play copied CD's without any problems unles the copied CD's are damaged or badly burned. If the Travelpilot FX does not play good quality copied CD's the CD player mechanism of the travelpilot FX must be considered defective. Not playing copied CD's properly is one of the first symptoms of a defective CD player mechanism. It is usually only a matter of time before the CD player mechanism also stops playing original CD's.
  15. The LS RNS system is better known as the Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX. Map data of this system is made by TeleAtlas. Because of this the original SD cards are supplied by Ford Bosch/Blaupunkt and TomTom (who owns TeleAtlas). However prices can differ quite a lot between these three official suppliers. Next to this the SD-cards are also often offered on Ebay. However many SD-cards offered on Ebay are not genuine but cheap Chinese copy's. When buying from Ebay it is very important to buy from a reputable seller that sells the genuine product. Also be aware that the genuine SD-cards come with a software upgrade CD to upgrade the software of the Travelpilot FX. Newer SD-cards with map material only work if the Travelpilot FX has recent software. On old software versions of the Travelpilot FX the newer SD-cards will not be recognised.