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  1. What does your VIN number look like? Based on the VIN number I can identify the production country, production facility, production year and month and some other info. The USA Focus MK3 does also have the autolocking function activated in the Central Car Configuration as standard. On these vehicles the autolocking function can also be activated by the procedure mentioned above. However in Europe Ford does not support this function because of safety/legal reasons. As a result of this the ability to activate this function is removed from the Ford IDS FRDS diagnostic software. It is still possible with the Ford IDS diagnostic system from within the Engineering Mode but very few Ford dealers know how to enter this mode.
  2. The procedure to activate/deactivate the autolocking function as described in the video above is only applicable if the autolocking function has been activated in the Central Car Configuration. On European Focus MK3/MK3.5 vehicles the autolocking function is not activated in the Central Car Configuration as standard (this function is officially not supported by Ford Europe at all).
  3. The type of turbo of the 125 HP version depends on the production date. 125 HP versions that are produced before 24-04-2014 have the same turbo as the 140 HP version. 125 HP versions that are produced after 24-04-2014 have the same turbo as the 100 HP version. (Note that these production date changes are only applicable on the Fiesta MK7.5. Other Ford models have different production date changes or different turbo's). The IB5 gearbox that is used on the 140 HP version has a lot of different parts from the 100 and 125 HP version. The biggest differences are the different gear ratios and the uprated input shaft.
  4. Based on customer reviews and tyre tests I decided to buy a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 tyres. These tyres end up pretty high in all tests that I found. . I bought the tyres online from a French company which has warehouses across Europe. The price difference between online tyre suppliers and local tyre suppliers was quite large. I saved over €70,- by buying the tyres online. The tyres arrived within 2 days and and are produced only 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I had them mounted onto my new 18 Inch rims and balanced by my local tyre supplier who is a real specialist. I decided to let him place all tyre weights behind the spokes of the wheels. This was not easy because of the relative small spokes of the wheels. It took some extra time but he managed to place all tyre weights invisibly behind the spokes. Not cheap but in my opinion definetely worth the extra money.
  5. The 140 HP version of the 1.0 ECOboost also has a different Turbo and uprated gearbox internals.
  6. Only the original Ford CD changers that use the Ford SCP communication protocol are supported. Back in the days Sony also offered a suitible CD changer for the OEM Ford radio's but these are even rarer than the original ones. Later Ford models like the Focus MK2 did have a different type of CD changer that uses the Ford CANbus protocol.
  7. The Focus MK2 radio's are connected to the CANbus network. This is because these radio's communicate with other CANbus modules (like for example the instrument cluster). The date/time that is shown on the MK2 radio is actually stored in the instrument cluster. Without the MK2 instrument cluster connected the date/time will simply reset every time the radio is switched off/on. The focus MK1 does not have a CANbus system at all. All functions that use the CANbus network to communicate will simply not work. Next to this the MK2 radio's are much larger than the MK1 radio's. A lot of modifications are required to even make the MK2 radio fit in the MK1 dashboard.
  8. The bonnet switch sensor is called Hood Ajar. BBS is indeed Battery Backed up Sounder. BBS Tamper means that the alarm is activated because the system detects a possible theft attempt by disconnecting the battery backed up sounder. However this can also be caused by a defective battery backed up sounder. The indicator lights flashing without the sound of the battery backed up sounder also suggests that there may be a problem with the battery backed up sounder.
  9. dump valve

    A dumpvalve (or blow off valve) is only used on turbocharged engines. Unless you have installed a turbocharger to your Fiesta MK6 petrol engine a dumpvalve will bring you nothing.
  10. that means it is time for a new clutch!
  11. As far as I can see these should be correct for the mondeo Mk3. However EBC does not list the red stuff brake pads for the mondeo MK3. They only list the green stuff and yellow stuff brake pads. Personally I am no fan of EBC brake pads. I have seen lots of problems with them. The brake pad material coming loose from the backing plate is a common problem. On a normal street car I personally prefer Brembo disks combined with Textar pads. This combination is in my opinion a lot better than the stock disks and pads. More braking power and less brake dust.
  12. This is a known problem of the Focus MK3. The unlock button of the key fob can not work occasionally. Some cars did have this problem more often than others. When the unlock button does not work the car can be opened using the keyblade. However on a car with a factory fitted alarm system this will activate the alarm. A workarround when the unlock button does not work is to press the boot unlock button on the key fob. The boot should still unlock and after the boot has been unlocked the unlock button on the key fob should work again. This problem was solved by a software update of the BCM in approximately 2013. However most Ford dealers do not perform software updates during services unless there are problems. Because of this there are still many cars arround which have this problem.
  13. This is a known problem of the original Ford radio's of the Focus Mk1/MK1.5. The problem can be solved by replacing the defective components on the circuit board. However because of the costs involved it would not make any sense to repair a radio this old. Installing a different radio will be the cheapest solution.
  14. SYNC 1.0 can easily be upgraded to SYNC 1.1 by changing and configuring the APIM (SYNC) module. The type of APIM module can easily be identified by the part number of the module. A SYNC 1.0 module has a part number that starts with AM5T. A SYNC 1.1 module has a part number that starts with D1BT.
  15. The USA SYNC 1.1 hardware/software is different from the European SYNC 1.1 software. The USA software update is not suitible for a European vehicle. However many other countries do also use the European SYNC 1.1 software. For example India, Malaysia and Australia. Previously it was possible to make an account on the Ford India website using the European VIN number and download the latest SYNC 1.1 update. However Ford recently changed the Ford India website and made it no longer possible to download the updates for European vehicles. Currently the Ford Australia website is the best option to download the latest SYNC 1.1 software. Be aware that the older SYNC 1.0 system does not support updating from a USB drive. This can only be done by a Ford dealer. Updating from a USB drive is only supported by the SYNC 1.1 system (SYNC with APPlink) and the SYNC 2.0 system.