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  1. Last Year I started the search for a suitable instrument cluster with the large full color display but because of the low mileage of my car I could not find a suitable one for a fair price. Because I live in the Netherlands I initially searched for a European (KM/H) instrument cluster. A few months ago I decided to also search for a UK or USA (MPH) instrument cluster I already owned a (cosmetically) damaged Instrument cluster which I got from a local scrap yard for free for testing purposes.  The dial plates of this instrument cluster are perfectly suitable to convert a UK or USA instrument cluster to a European instrument cluster.  Last Month I finally found a suitable instrument cluster on Ebay. The instrument cluster came from a low mileage 2014 USA focus MK3. Generally USA instrument clusters are much cheaper than European or UK instrument clusters. Including postage and import costs the instrument cluster costed me less than €100,-. Despite the different Hardware number and different software the USA instrument clusters are electronically almost identical to European and UK instrument clusters. Next to the different dial plates the USA instrument clusters have a "BRAKE" warning light instead of the European symbol warning light. After I recieved the instrument cluster it turned out to be in nice, mint condition. Initially I configured the instrument cluster with the correct configuration settings for my car. Next I tested the instrument cluster in my car. The instrument cluster was fully functional (it even supported Dutch language) but because it had the USA software some functions were different and/or missing compared to the European software. Next I decided to install the European software. Because of the different hardware number a USA instrument cluster is not recognised by the Ford IDS diagnostic system as a suitable part for a European Focus MK3. However this can easily be solved by loading the correct software files manually into the instrument cluster. This can easily be done using a (reliable) modified ELM327 interface and the free FoCCCus software. At a Baudrate of 500.000 Kbps the update proces takes about 7 hours to complete so I made myself an adapter cable to be able to update the software inside the house on the dinner table. The adapter cable is connected to the ELM327 interface, A suitable 12 Volt DC power source and the instrument cluster. After many hours the update proces finished without any problems. The USA instrument cluster is now electronically fully converted to European / UK specifications. Finally I tested the instrument cluster again and it turned out to be fully functional. Unfortuntely I have to wait a few months because the new instrument cluster has a slightly higher mileage as my car. Because I can only adjust the mileage upwards myself I have to wait a few months until my car reaches the mileage of the new instrumetn cluster.      
  2. stereo buttons focus mark 4

    This is a known problem of the Focus MK3.5. Many peaople experienced this problem. Some time ago Ford communicated to customers that they were working on a fix (probably a software update) for this problem. However I do not know if this fix is already released or not.  
  3. usb & music

    This problem can be solved by updating the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module of the car. on these vehicles the USB functionality is fully controlled by the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. Older firmware versions of the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module required a special Y-cable to connect an Iphone or Ipod. This Y-cable is connected to both the USB and AUX input. On the latest firmware versions of the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module the Y-cable is no longer required. A standard USB cable is all you need.   The Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module can easily be updated to the latest available firmware version by performing the Ford Audio Update. This update is officially no longer available on the official Ford website (all downloads were removed after Ford stopped the support of this old system back in 2012). However the Ford Audio Update files can easily be found and downloaded online.
  4. This type of radio was never available on the European market I'm afraid. Personally I have never seen this type of radio in real life so I can not answer your question.
  5. MK2 Instrument cluster swap

    No, A Mondeo MK4 instrument cluster will not work on a Focus MK2/MK2.5. The connector is the same so the Mondeo Instrument cluster can be connected end will even light up after the ignition is switched on. However it will not work because it communicates by a different speed CANbus network. The Mondeo MK4 instrument cluster communicates by the MS (Mid Speed) CANbus network. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster communicates by the HS (High Speed) CANbus network.     A MK2.5 instrument cluster can be installed into a MK2 without any problems. Technically there are only 2 different MK2.5 instrument cluster types. Petrol and Diesel. All MK2/MK2.5 Petrol instrument clusters are compatible. The same for Diesel instrument clusters. A MK2.5 RS instrument cluster will work fine on a MK2  1.4 Duratec. It is important that the instrument cluster is configured correctly. This ca be done by saving the configuration of the old instrument cluster and loading it into the new instrument cluster. On a MK2.5 instrument cluster it is important to select the MK2.5 specific "Clock" function. After the new instrument cluster has been configured correctly the PATS keys need to programmed into the new instrument cluster and the new instrument cluster needs to be paired with the PCM (PATS pairing or PATS initialization). This can be done with any Ford specific diagnostic system/software that supports this function. For example the Ford IDS system, the FoCom diagnostic system or the Forscan software.   Note that the mileage of the new instrument cluster can only be changed upwards easily. The mileage of the new instrument cluster must be lower than the car. If the mileage of the new instrument cluster is higher than the car it can only be changed downwards by a specialist which in most cases will charge big money for this. Also note that the MK2.5 instrument cluster is partly adaptive. During time some functions of the instrument cluster adapt to the car. For example the mileage to empty. On the MK2 instrument cluster the low fuel warning light an warning message are activated at fixed values. On the MK2.5 instrument cluster this function is adaptive. The low fuel warning light is activated by the instrument cluster at a value that is calculated by the instrument cluster. This value is based on previous and current driving conditions and fuel comsumption. The memory of these adaptive functions can not be erased. It the instrument cluster is installed in a different car it will still use the memory values of the car it was originally installed in. In some cases the low fuel warning light will be activated at a unrealistic value (150 Miles left for example).The instrument custer will adapt to the new vehicle but this can take a long time (the higher the mileage the longer it takes to adapt).       
  6. Hi Wilco, are you on line?


  7. Does a 6000cd have a rear fuse?

    The 6000CD with CDDJ button has no AUX input. The only way to connect a phone to this radio is by using a CD changer emulator or a FM transmitter. Both are not ideal. Personally I would install the correct type of 6000CD radio with the AUX button or even better the original Sony radio.  
  8. Does a 6000cd have a rear fuse?

    The old 6000CD with CDDJ button is a single CD radio that supports a seperate CD changer (option) that is mounted under the passenger seat.  This type of radio does not have an AUX input. The 6000CD with CDDJ button was superseded in 2006 by the 6000 CD with AUX button.  
  9. Central fuse box seems wrong!

    The cloth cover with the fuse layout was only installed on cars with the old design GEM module/fuse box. The new desig GEM module/fuse box has a plastic protector which is installed onto the Gem module/fuse box itself. The cloth cover with the fuse layout suggests that the car originally had the old design GEM module/fuse box. The GEM module/fuse box of the Focus MK2/MK2.5 is basically a computer controlled (CANbus) fuse box. This is a very sensitive part. Water ingress or incorrect connecting of accessoires (for example the wiring of a towing hook) are known causes of a defective GEM module/fuse box. I am not surprised if it has been replaced for such a reason.  
  10. Central fuse box seems wrong!

    In 2006 Ford changed from the old design GEM module/fuse box to he new design GEM module/fuse box. The old design GEM module/fuse box is no longer available. If the GEM module/fuse box needs to be changed it will be replaced by the new design. Both types of GEM module/fuse box are interchangeable. The GEM module/fuse box installed into your car is the new design type. This suggests that it has been replaced in the past. The layout of the new design GEM module fuse box is described in the owners manual of a late 2006 (and onwards) Focus MK2 and MK2.5.  
  11. ELM config help

    The VID-block is basically the firmware part which contains all configuration data. A non empty VID block means that the firmware you are trying to load already has a VID block included. To activate Cruise Control you have to load a modified version (integrated speed control function activated) of your original VID block to the PCM. On some PCM types the VID block and the firmware file needs to be loaded into the PCM at the same time. I expect your problems are caused by a corrupted VID block or a corrupted firmware file. reloading both the VID block and the firmware file should solve this. 80 minutes to read or write the PCM firmware seems very long to me. I use a modified ELM327 interface myself with the FTDI chipset. At a Baudrate of 500.000 Kbps reading or writing the firmware did never take me longer than 10 minutes.    
  12. Hi mate, can you help me out please, you seem to know what you are taking about when it comes to car electronics, can you have a look at my last post on ELM config help ( you did post on it today) any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

  13. Airbag Contact Unit

    It will only be a problem if it moved one or more complete turns.
  14. Door mirror fold button not working

    On the Focus MK2 the folding function of the mirrors is controlled by a seperale folding module. If the switch is working properly there is a big chance the folding module is broken.
  15. ford focus mk2 best make flywheel choice?

    The double mass flywheel of the 1.6 TDCI uses special grease instead of springs to dampen vibrations. This type of double mass flywheel is very durable and generally lasts very long. A defective double mass flywheel is very rare on a 1.6 TDCI. You should also look at the torsional damper pulley (harmonic balancer). This pulley basically consists of 2 metal pieces that are connected by a vulcanised rubber. If the rubber wears it can cause vibrations through the engine/gearbox which can also be felled on the clutch pedal. A defective torsional damper pulley can often be identified by traces of surface rust on and near the pulley. A new torsional damper pulley is pretty inexpensive and easy to replace.