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  1. Focus mk3 speedo miles change

    Like most Ford specific diagnostic systems the Ford IDS and FRDS diagnostic system can only adjust the mileage upwards. Adjusting the mileage downwards is not possible. However it is possible to also adjust the mileage downwards but it is not easy I succesfully managed to adjust the mileage downwards by using the Ford IDS diagnostic system and an ELM327 interface with a terminal client. I used this method several times on a few different Focus MK3 instrument clusters. When I bought this USA Level 3 instrument cluster I converted the mileage to KM. The speedometer reading was 24759 KM. Next I reprogrammed the mileage to 100 KM. The Ford IDS diagnostic system confirms that the mileage is indeed changed to 100 KM. Afterwards I adjusted the mileage upwards to match the mileage of my car exactly.
  2. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 it is but not on the Fiesta MK7/MK7.5. On the Fiesta the IPC is the main config and the BCM the backup. For some reason Ford found it a good idea to have it reversed on the Fiest.
  3. Focus Mk2.5

    Apart from some minor improvements the MK2.5 has the same sound deadening as the MK2. Considering that the Focus MK2 was developed in the early 2000's the road noise/sound deadening is not that bad. Most cars of that era are no better or even worse.
  4. 2007 ford focus tdci timing question.

    Whether the car has a timing chain or wetbelt can not be correctly determined by a VIN number. The Ford Ecat parts program simply shows both the timing chain and the wetbelt as suitible parts. 2007 was the transition Year between the timing chain and the wetbelt at the engine facility. The changeover at the vehicle Focus/C-max production facility should have been performed at 03-01-2008. However there are examples of earlier vehicles that already had the wetbelt. Based on the production date your car should have a timing chain but he only way to be 100% sure is to open up the engine and take a look. Basically it does not really matter whether the car has a timing chain or wetbelt. All Focus MK2/MK2.5 versions with the 1.8 TDCI do have the same timing belt/timing chain changing interval. There is no difference between vehicles with a timing chain or a wetbelt. Officially the timing chain is not a "fit for life" item on these engines. The timing chain is also prescribed to be changed at the specified interval of10yr/125k miles (whichever comes first).
  5. 2007 ford focus tdci timing question.

    Basically there is no way to tell if your engine has a timing chain or a wetbelt. 2007 was the transition Year between the timing chain and the wetbelt. During the transition period both engines with timing chain and engines with wetbelt were used at the factory. As far as I know these engines did have the same engine code. The only way to be 100% sure is to open up the engine and take a look.
  6. Any updates for SYNC 3 yet?

    These are 2 different things. Map updates and system software updates. Currently there are no new maps for SYNC 3. The SYNC 3 map data that is currently factory installed is outdated. It uses a 2014 base map. There are a lot of complaints about this subject. in some countries some people even received a partial refund because of non conformity and Ford was not able to solve it within reasonable time. Based on several sources Ford is currently developing the new map data and a way to distribute the update. Official Ford communication stated that the update should be available within a dew months and that it needs to be installed from USB. Whether this update can be installed by the owner from a USB drive or only can be installed by a Ford dealer is still unknown. Some official sources say that the map updates will be free of charge for the first 7 Years. However this is not officially confirmed and I do not know if this applies to all countries or only certain countries. After the SYNC 3 system was introduced there were several ssytem software updates. Software version 3.0 is currently the latest available version. This version can be downloaded from the following website: http://ffclub.ru/topic/418797/jump_270/?pid=18493256#entry18493256 You can use Google Translate to translate the Russian text to English. The update can be installed from a USB drive. After this update the SYNC 3 system works a lot smoother than before.
  7. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    I do not know the UK situation but in many countries (for example the Netherlands and Germany) Ford stopped using the paper version of the service/maintenance booklet a few Years ago (approximately 2013). Instead of the paper service/maintenance booklet Ford now uses the DSR (Digital Service Register). The DSR is part of the Ford Etis web based system. On newer vehicles the service history basically consists of a printout of the DSR.
  8. Focus MK1 Rear wiper upgrade - MK2 ??

    MK2 rear wiper arms are a direct fit to a MK1. I did this modification many times back in the days without any problems. Late MK2.5 rear wiper arms however are different and will not fit.
  9. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    Both the rear parking sensor system and the Active Park Assist system can be retrofitted without any problems. To retrofit the rear parking sensors you need the following parts: 4x Parking sensors. 2x Sensor bracket. 2x Sensor bracket. PAM module (Rear sensors only). 2x Push-pin (needed to mount the module). Wiring harness. To retrofit the Active Park Assist system you also need the following additional parts: 6x Parking sensors 4x Sensor bracket PAM module (Front & Rear sensors) Front lower grille with sensor holes. PDC/Active Park Assist switch. Engine bay wiring harness. Rear ABS/ESP sensors (Active Park Assist uses different sensors that can detect both forward and reverse motion). The front parking sensor wiring is not available seperately. This wiring is part of the complete engine bay wiring harness and costs an arm and a leg (over €1000,-). The easiest way to add the front parking sensor wiring is by taking it out of a scrap car or by building the additional wiring from scratch using the correct color wiring, connectors and connector pins. After installaton of all parts the system needs to be activated in the Central Car Configuration using a suitible Ford specific diagnostic system. I am currently working on a few CANbus related projects. One of these projects is a converter that makes it possible to display the parking sensor information of a cheap generic parking sensor kit on the FCDIM. I use the speaker output signal of the cheap generic parking sensor kit as an input signal for an Arduino Nano with (specially designed) CANbus shield. By measuring the frequency of the speaker output signal (beeps) the Arduino sends the corresponding CANbus signal to the FCDIM. I currently have a test setup on the table which is working perfectly. However I have not tested yet inside a car. The only downside of this solution is that the FCDIM shows the same distance for all sensors (instead of individually). However my solution is still a lot better than no parking sensor infomation on the FCDIM at all.
  10. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    F1ET-15K866-AF is a Focus MK3.5 module that is used installed from 06-10-2014 to 17-06-2015. This part number was never used on other Ford models. From experience I know that this part number is not fully compatible with a Focus MK3. BM5T-15K866-AN is used on the Focus MK3 from 03-01-2011 onwards DV4T-15K866-AK is only used on the Focus ST and the Focus Electric. If you want a module that only supports rear parking sensors you need part number BM5T-15K866-A*. The * stands for the revision of the part. N is currently the latest available version of this part.
  11. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    F1ET is a Focus MK3.5 module. this type of module is not fully compatible with the MK3.
  12. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    As far as I know the needles of most Ford instrument clusters are interchangeable. The only thing to keep in mind is that there may be difference in the length of the needles.
  13. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    You mean a MK2 fl (MK2.5) ?? In that case no it won't. The MK3/MK3.5 instrument cluster is not even connected to the same CANbus network as the MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster. The MK3/MK3.5 instrument cluster is connected to the MS (mid speed) CANbus network. The MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster is connected to the HS (high speed) CANbus network. Next to this the MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster is part of the PATS immobilizer system and the MK3/MK3.5 instrument cluster is not part of the PATS system.
  14. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The official software can be downloaded from the motorcraft website. However to be able to download the software you need to know the exact software numbers of the software you need. The software for the Level 3 instrument cluster for example consists of 3 different software files. A Calibration file, a Strategy file and a Pictures file. These software files need to be loaded into the instrument cluster in the correct sequence.
  15. Sync 1

    The SYNC 1.1 system was introduced at approximately 03-2014. The APIM module can be identified by the Part Number. A SYNC 1.0 APIM module has a part number that starts with AM5T or BM5T. A SYNC 1.1 APIM module has a part number that starts with D1BT. In most cases a new APIM module is not plug and play. It needs to be programmed to match the configuration of the car. The configuration of a SYNC 1.1 APIM module is different from a SYNC 1.0 APIM module. The SYNC 1.0 configuration or the AS-BUILT data of a SYNC 1.0 vehicle can not be used to configure the SYNC 1.1 APIM module. A SYNC 1.1 APIM module will only be plug and play if it came from a similar spec. Focus MK3