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  1. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 MK3/MK3.5 Petrol versions do not have a changeable fuel filter. There is only a strainer (with relative large mesh) inside the fuel tank at the inlet side of the fuel pump. This strainer is part of the fuel pump assembly and is not available as a spare part. There also is no changing interval for this part. The strainer should last the entire life of the car. The lack of a changeable fuel filter is no problem. I never had (or heard of) fuel filter problems on the Focus MK2/MK2.5 MK3/MK3.5 Petrol versions.
  2. You should start with a proper diagnostic using a suitable Ford specific diagnostic system/software. Burning ABS and/or parking brake warning lights are a known problem of the Focus MK1. If there are no DTC codes stored inside the brake control module (ABS module) the problem will almost certainly be caused by the instrument cluster. The PCB of the focus MK1 instrument cluster suffers from corrosion. This corrosion causes the PCB tracks to short circuit. One of the first and most common symptons are the ABS and/or parking brake warning light burning intermittently. Depending on the severity of the corrosion the instrument cluster can either be repaired (cleaned, repaired and conserved) or needs to be replaced.
  3. Most of the roofbar parts that are included in the roofbar kit are not avialable as spare parts. The Ford roofbar kit is produced by Thule by Ford specifications. Because of this the Ford roofbar kit is completely different from the Thule roofbar products. The plastic cups of the Ford roofbars are known to crack/break as a result of overtightening. The roofbar fixing bolts are designed to be tightened very lightly. However the bolts are overtightended very easily. Many people (including myself) overtighten the bolts which results in cracked/broken plastic cups. The easiest solution for this problem is to have them custom made. Any local machine shop should be able to make them. Preferably out of aluminium or strong plastic (POM/Delrin for example). Years ago I had them made out of POM plastic which was a lot stronger as the original plastic.
  4. Both the airbags and seat belt tensioners can be replaced by resistors. If I remember correctly they all have the same resistance.
  5. These DTC code are usually caused by activated seat belt tensioners. Seat belt tensioners contain explosives to tension the seatbelts in case of an accident. After the seat belt tensioners are activated they have to be replaced. Personally i would start with changing the seat belt tensioners. You can use the seat belt tensioners from the original seats. All Focus MK2/MK2.5 seat airbags and seat belt tensioners are interchangeable. The resistances of the airbags and seat belt tensioners are identical. When MK2.5 seats are installed into a MK2 (or vice versa) there is no need to use resistors or airbag simulators.
  6. On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 the boot light is controlled by a microswitch inside the lock. The boot light intermittently not working is often caused by dried out grease inside the lock. During time the grease inside the lock dries out and causes the microswitch to stick. This problem can easily be solved by disassembling and cleaning of the lock. Afterwards the lock must be regreased using a thin type of grease.
  7. The black box is not the rain/light sensor. The black box is the GPSM module which is needed for Emergency Assistance and on the SYNC 2 system the GPSM module is also used for GPS reception of the Sat Nav system. The rain/light sensor is installed inside the round mounting space in front of the GPSM module.
  8. I would just ask them. Being a recall/warranty issue the dealership can claim the new hose from Ford. If you install it yourself they simply save time. However they may need the old hose as prove. if the dealership insists on installing the hose themselves I would tow the car to the dealership. Being a recall the replacement hose and installation of the hose should be free of charge.
  9. The new type degas hose is a complete assembly including the clamps. This hose has Finis number 1829702 and part number CV61-BK012-ZA
  10. Personally I would not try to repair the hose. If the hose is already cracked it can split or develop a much larger crack which causes the coolant to drain quickly. this often results in engine damage. Personally I would tow the car to the dealership or take the hose and install it yourself (installation of the hose is basically an easy/5 minute job). Personally I would also inspect the coolant reservoir. The reservoir can develop (micro)cracks which can also result in engine damage. The reservoir is also easy to replace and pretty inexpensive. the recall for the degas hose was over 2 Years ago. If the car has been serviced by a Ford dealership the hose should already have been replaced.
  11. This is a known problem of many Ford models including the Focus MK3. The GPS antenna is integrated into the aerial base on top of the roof. As a result of water ingress the components of the GPS antenna corrode and the GPS antenna stops working. Because the aerial base is a sealed non serviceable part it needs to be replaced completely. There are basically two different solutions for the problem. The first solution is installing a new original aerial base. The part alone costs approximately €80,-. However there is a (relative large) risk that the new GPS antenna develops the same problem within a few years. The second much cheaper solution is installing an aftermarket GPS antenna with a blue Fakra connector. These antennas can be found on Ebay from about €6,- including P&P. These aftermarket antennas can be installed behind the passenger side A-pillar cover. Because this type of antenna is installed inside the vehicle you will never have the water ingress problem again. I use an aftermarket €6,- GPS antenna for over 2 years now without any problems. the GPS reception is the same (possibly even better) than the GPS reception of the original GPS antenna.
  12. The European Focus MK3.5 ST does not have a mechanical sound symposer like the MK3 ST. The MK3.5 ST has an artificial sound symposer were the induction sound is generated by the audio system (even when the audio system is turned off). In theory it should be possible to change the induction noise or turning the induction noise off by changing the configuration/software.
  13. In that case the car at least has door modules. However it is still possible that your door modules do not support power fold mirrors and need to be replaced. Next to this the wiring will for the power fold mirrors will almost certainly be missing and needs to be installed.
  14. The specifications and features of the different trim levels are different between most European markets. My car is a German spec. Champions Edition. Back in 2013 the factory fitted alarm system was a €375,- optional extra in Germany. This option was only available on the Trend, Champions Edition and Titanium trim levels. At that time the factory fitted alarm system was not even available in the Netherlands. The Champions Edition is more or less a hybrid version of the Trend (the equivalent of the Zetec trim level) and the Titanium trim level. The Champions Edition is based on the Trend trim level but also has a lot of Titanium features. My car has the Premium center console and the Titanium seats for example. However the upholstery is different from the Titanium and was only available on the Champions Edition.
  15. These wheels do indeed look awesom on the Focus MK3. The only disadvantage is the (lack of) rim flange protection. The Dunlop Sport Max RT2 tyres do have a relative small rim flange protection. Combined with the relative large rim flange design of the wheels there is only a minor rim flange protection. After the break in 2 weeks ago I decided to install the original alarm system for some extra protection. After I got my car back from the bodyshop last week I checked the wiring of the car. My car turned out to have most of the wiring in place. Only the single wire from the BCM to the bonnet lock is missing. I already ordered all parts that are needed to retrofit the original alarm system.