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  1. Does not fit. The Focus MK2 brakes are completely different from the focus MK1 brakes. Next to this the focus MK2 has a 5 x 108 bolt pattern while the focus mk1 has a 4 x108 bolt pattern.
  2. To convert the basic electric windows into comfort windows you need the follwing parts: * Front left window motor with door control module. * Front right window motor with door control module. * Front left door wiring loom. * Front Right door wiring loom. * Driver door window/mirror switch assembly. * Passenger door window switch. * Floor wiring loom. The Focus MK2.5 ST/RS 3-door versions were available with a 2-window version of the comfort windows. Parts of this sytem are ideal for retrofitting the comfort window system to any 3/5 door version with basic electric windows. However these parts are pretty rare and hard to find.
  3. The basic electric window system (2-electric windows) is completely different from the more advanced comfort window system (4-electric) windows. The basic electric window system is a conventional controlled system. The electric motors of this system do have 2 wires and are controlled directly by the window switches. This system does not have a pinch protection. The comfort window system is a digitally controlled system. The electric motors of this system are different. These are called smart motors by Ford. Basically the smart motors contain the door control modules which control the electric windows and also some other functions. The door control module communicate with eachother and a number of other modules by the CANbus system. The comfort windows system supports the global opening/global closing functions and quick up/quick down functions for all windows. This system also has a pinch protection system.
  4. There is only one rear disc size for the Focus MK3/MK3.5. Except form the RS all other versions (including the ST) with rear disc brakes have 280 mm discs. 265 mm rear discs were never used on the Focus MK3/MK3.5. My Focus MK3 hatchback with the 125 HP 1.0 ECOboost has exactly the same rear disc brakes as the 182 HP 1.6 ECOboost my parents have. Only the front disc brakes are different.
  5. 278 mm front discs are used on the 1.0 ECOboost, 1.6 TI-VCT and 1.5/1.6 TDCI. 278 mm front discs can either be combined with rear drums or 280 mm rear discs. Whether the car has rear drums or discs depends on several factors like for example the market the car is made for, body type and in some cases even trim level. Many European countries have rear disc brakes as standard while other countries do still have rear drum brakes. 300 mm front discs are used on the 1.5/1.6 ECOboost 2.0 Duratec TI-VCT (160 HP) and the 2.0 TDCI. 300 mm front discs are always combined with 280 mm rear disc brakes.
  6. The Parking Assistance Module is only present on cars that have the original PDC system. Cars without the original PDC system do not have this module. Aftermarket PDC systems have their own control module which does not communicate with other CANbus modules inside the car.
  7. The current Mazda 2 is no longer technically related to the Ford Fiesta. Mazda uses the new Skyactiv chassis which has rear torsion beam suspension. Ford uses a multilink suspension with coil springs. Next to this Mazda uses a 4x100 mm bolt pattern while Ford uses a 4x108 mm bolt pattern. If you want rear disc brakes you can install the Fiesta ST rear disc brakes or a rear disc retrofit kit (from Pumaspeed for example). Another possibility is to build your own retrofit kit using focus MK1 parts and custom made parts to make all fit onto the Fiesta.
  8. DRL lights must comply with European regulations. During day at 100% the Nolden lights are technically seen as DRL lights. It is illegal to use DRL lights in combination with any other lights at the front of the vehicle. Dimmed at 50% the Nolden lights are technically seen as sidelights. This makes it legal to use the dimmed DRL lides in combination with other lights at the front of the vehicle. However because it is illegal to have more than 1 pair of sidelights the original sidelights need to be disabled. This can be done by cutting the wires (as described in the Nolden instructions) or by simply removing the sidelight bulbs. If you want to keep the original sidelights the DRL must switch off completely when the sidelights are on. Automatic lights do not interfere with the DRL lights. The DRL lights will always be on when the ignition is on. This is unrelated to the position of the light switch. This also means that the DRL lights can not be switched off from inside the vehicle (only by removing the fuse). The DRL will be dimmed at 50% when the side lights are switched on either manually or by the automatic light system. The Nolden DRL kit is a Ford accessoire. However except from selling the kit Ford has nothing to do with Nolden. Just like any other manufacturer.Nolden developed the kit themselves as an aftermarket accessoire. Technically the Nolden DRL kit is just the same as any other aftermarket DRL kit.
  9. The grey connector is a Ford specific connector that is not compatible with standard USB connectors. The black connector is also a Ford specific connector but this one is also compatible with mini USB. In about the second half of 2009 Ford the USB cables and connectors. There is no adapter cable to solve this problem so you either have to buy a new USB cable with the correct connector (which is pretty expensive) or you have to connect both cables yourself using generic USB connectors.
  10. You can buy an SD-card from TomTom but it needs to be the correct type for your vehicle. The Ford SatNav systems use maps that are based on TeleAtlas base maps. TeleAtlas is currently owned by TomTom so TomTom also sells SD-cards for most Ford SatNav systems. The only difference between the original Ford SD card and the TomTom SD-card is the label on the card. Note that you can also buy an original SD-card from a Ford dealer outside the UK. Dutch Ford dealers for example sell the original SD-card (western Europe and Turkey) for a fixed price of €99,-. Some dealers even sell them for €89,-. This is a lot cheaper than an SD-card from TomTom.
  11. Last week I noticed a loud bang from the front wheel area during heavy breaking. After I jacked the car from the ground for further inspection the front spring at the left side of the car turned out to be broken. A piece from the bottom winding of the spring which was aproximately 7 cm long fell on the ground during inspection of the spring. Definetely something that should not happen to a barely 3 year old car which has only done 23.000 KM. Instead of replacing both front springs I decided to lower the car. I really missed the Eibach Pro-Kit springs that I had on my previous Focus MK2. After a quick search I found a German seller on Ebay that offered the Focus MK3 Eibach Pro-Kit springs for a very good price. This weekend I installed the Eibach springs. Installing all 4 springs took me less than 3 Hours including cleaning of all parts. I also disassembled the upper strut bearing housings to clean them thoroughly and refill them with a decent amount of high quality SKF bearing grease. After I cleaned all parts of the upper strut bearings I discovered that each of the original Ford (SKF) upper strut bearings have 36 pieces of 4.8 mm (3/16 Inch) sized loose bearing balls. coincedentally I have loads of different loose bearing balls that I use for Bike maintenance so I decided to replace all loose bearing balls for new SKF ones. Eibach specifies a reduce of body height of 25 mm front and back for the Focus MK3 Pro-Kit springs. My car originally had the standard suspension. I measured the body height before and after I installed the Eibach springs and measured a reduce of body height of 34 mm. at the front and 33 mm at the back of the car. This means that the car is even lower than I expected (which in my opinion is great). After 23.000 KM my original floor mats were dirty so i decided to put them into the washing machine. I did this before with my Focus MK2 floor mats without any problems. Unfortunately doing this with my Focus MK3 floor mats was a very bad idea. After washing them the rubber non skidding backside of the floor mats is completely gone. The floor mats do not longer stay in place so I decided to order a brand new set of 4 original floor mats. I found a true bargain at a German Ford dealership that offered the floor mats for about half the original retail price.
  12. Be aware that Ford switched from the old style alloy wheel nuts to the new style Global wheel nuts in 2012. The reason for this is to standardise the wheel nuts on most Ford models and to reduce the amount of different wheel nuts that were used before. The old style (2-piece or 1-piece) alloy wheel nuts are not compatible with the new style Global wheel nuts. You have to use the correct wheel nut that belongs to the wheels. Using the incorrect type of wheel nuts can result in damage to the wheels or the wheel can even come loose. Most Ebay/Amazon sellers do not even know that there are different types of nuts. The wheel nuts from the Amazon link are cheap copies of the Ford Global wheel nuts. These are only compatible with Global wheels and can not be used with the old design alloy wheels. Next to this these nuts are galvanised. On the pictures these nuts are shiny but generally galvanised steel becomes dull within a few weeks. The Ford wheel nuts with stainless steel caps will last very long as long as they are treated correctly. These wheel nuts must be removed/installed by hand. Removing/installing them with an impact wrench causes the stainless steel caps that are pressed onto the nuts to stretch and eventually to come loose. The (2-piece old design) wheel nuts that I use are over 10 Years old and still in mint condition. None of the stainless steel caps did ever come loose. My wheels are removed/installed at least twice a Year and I only remove/install the nuts by hand.
  13. The speaker cover is integrated into the door panel. If you want to change the speakers you have to remove the complete door panels. The focus MK1/MK1.5 does not have tweeters. Tweeters were never available on the MK1/MK1.5. If you want to install tweeters you have to find your own mounting place. The focus MK1/MK1.5 has 5" x 7" speakers but many 16,5 cm speakers will also fit if adapters are used. To connect your Sony radio you will need a Ford --> ISO adapter. These can be found at a Ford dealer, a local car audio shop or on Ebay.
  14. Note that some functions of the SYNC system are phone dependant. Not all phone types support all functions. If the phone does not support a particular function it will simply not work. Disconnecting randomly can also be caused by the phone. I also had this problem on my previous (Samsung) phone. My current (Samsung) phone works perfectly without any problems. SYNC 1.0 can be upgraded to SYNC 1.1 but this requires a different SYNC (APIM) module because of hardware differences. SYNC 1.0 and 1.1 modules are technically interchangeable. The SYNC 2.0 system is completely different. The SYNC 2.0 system is based on the 8 Inch touchscreen. This is basically a further developed version of the USA My Ford Touch system. It is technically possible to install the My Ford Touch or SYNC 2 system into a Focus MK3 but this is a huge job and many expensive parts are involved. A used complete SYNC 2 system without satnav currently sells for prices between €500,- and €1000,-.
  15. A 13 plate Focus MK3 has the SYNC 1.0 system. The SYNC 1.0 system can only be updated by a Ford dealer. Updating from USB is not supported on this system. This is only possible from the SYNC 1.1 system onwards.