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  1. No I don't unfortunately. The fan was on for a few minutes after the engine had been turned off could this indicate over heating then?
  2. No I don't unfortunately. The fan was on for a few minutes after the engine had been turned off could this indicate over heating then?
  3. I know this sounds odd but my mk6 when the blowers are on gets super hot. Even half way between full and cold it blows super hot enough to burn my feet when it is directed that way. Ita a 03 MK 6 1.4. Engine temps seem normal no overheating issues fan kicks in etc. Any ideas ? It's super warm on full. Not a bad thing but seems odd. Thanks
  4. Sounds battery related with the other stuff occurring. Mine struggles in the cold found holding the clutch in helps as recommended but still does it. Guess it's a loading issue
  5. May sound odd but are you pressing the clutch in when you turn the engine over. Had this issue when left and cold starting. Pushing the clutch in starts every time. All I can think is as the engine is cold the added strain of turning the engine over without the clutch engaged causes it to struggle to turn over.
  6. What was that for ?
  7. It looks like it is directly above the interior light so I'm hoping removing that will give access
  8. So looks like the car i bought has just had the arial taped back on the base has snapped. Are these easy to replace, are there any guides out there. Thanks 03 MK6 fiesta by the way.
  9. any thoughts anyone ? update on this it only seems to happen when I don't press the clutch in If it's been sat for a while. In the manual it says press the clutch before starting. Could this be the reason to much load on a cold engine perhaps?
  10. I have just got a 03 Ghia and noticed twice now once each day that it will not turn over. It tries but then dies. If I give it some gas on the third it will start fine and ddrives fine. This does not happen every time. Now I have a mk6 fiesta ST when I first got it it did this and i had to do a software update on the car to solve it. Could this be the same issue. Pretty sure the ST did it every time this does not. Would the same software update I had done be applicable to this car. Thanks for your help.
  11. I installed a cheap Sony DSX-A400BT in my 03 fiesta. . My question is the stereo only comes on when the ignition is turned unlike the old one. The manyal suggests being able to swap the red and yellow cables arounf but not sure if this is just for compatibility or to be able to do the above. Iv put in the post the pages that discuss this see if anyone else can understand it. It does remember settings when the engine is off so there must be power to it. Is this a a limitation of the radio or do I need to change something. Many thanks.
  12. ThAnks buddy
  13. Quick one with that bracket I bought would I still need to buy a cage for the steep to go in or does it screw into the adaptor I bought. Thanks 🙏
  14. Ok thanks so its just a standard double din stereo i need then to use with that faceplate i bought ? Any recommendations for something up to £100. Just want aux or bluetooth. Didn't realise the focus was actually bigger than double din bugger. We have a mk 6 ST shown in my avatar and thats the same size as the focus so swapping that dash would be a no go. Thanks for the help appreciated.