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  1. Quick one with that bracket I bought would I still need to buy a cage for the steep to go in or does it screw into the adaptor I bought. Thanks 🙏
  2. Ok thanks so its just a standard double din stereo i need then to use with that faceplate i bought ? Any recommendations for something up to £100. Just want aux or bluetooth. Didn't realise the focus was actually bigger than double din bugger. We have a mk 6 ST shown in my avatar and thats the same size as the focus so swapping that dash would be a no go. Thanks for the help appreciated.
  3. So I have a fiesta 03 with triple deck radio in. I bought a double din faceplate adapter and plan to cut the bar out. I want to put in my old double din radio from the focus. It looks like it won't go far enough into the adapter and not sit flush. What do you think is this the right part will the radio sit far enough back. Don't want to take apart if it's not going to fit. Thanks for looking
  4. Any links mate
  5. Any chance of a link mate
  6. Hi there i currently have a fiesta 03 plate and want to change the stereo. I have a 6006 cd i believe thats spare from my wife's 06 fiesta ST. Is it possible to fit this by cutting the dash and getting a adapter. Would it work? Connections and everything to the wiring. Could someone also point me to the correct adapter for a double DIN. Or is there a better single DIN solution anyone can think of. Im not after spending a fortune here just adding a AUX cable or bluetooth if less than £100. Many thanks.
  7. Fuse looks burned but it's screwed on how do I get it out. Looks hard wired in
  8. I'm sure it was only a year or so ago. Additional info I notice that the radiator fan does not come on at all. Should this be kicking in with the aircon the fan does not even come on after along drive
  9. Odd one guys when stationary the air con blows warm occasionally cool. However when driving the air con starts blowing cold. Any ideas it's a MK2 2006 1.8TDCI thanks very much
  10. Is it a ramp job do you think. Do you think it could have anything to do with the egr that was changed.
  11. thanks for replying troy how would i be able to check this
  12. Well 3 weeks ago no i had the EGR valve replaced on my focus 2006 1.8 TDCI. Last week i got an error P2099 Turbo underboost. Now i literally have no turbo at all. Very sluggish between 2k and 3k Revs. Could it be related to anything regarding the EGR that was replaced failing or fitted correctly or am i literally the unluckiest man alive. Funny thing is i am getting no error codes at all now just stuttering and juddering when cold and once warm just slow acceleration. Thoughts most welcome. Iv had a quick check of the visible hoses and can't see any split or popped off. Thanks.
  13. Hi guys after some advice. I have a 1.8tdci Ford Focus 06. Now iv had the management light on for a few weeks it reads 141a or something egr valve sensor. Now I no this is all one part and as the valve is fine I'm not in a rush to change it. However last night when going above 2.5 revs I get the red cog of doom. Reading the code relates to the mass airflow sensor. I'm not going into limp mode and the engine is running fine. Will cleaning the maf cure this? Are the problems related. And can I ignore this while I save to fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. My alternator died and my batterie does not seem to want to charge off the wall charger. Because it ran flat will I need a new one. There's a setting on the charger to charge sealed gell batteries. Are the silver calcium sealed gell batterie. Do I need to use this or is the battery toast. Thanks guys Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Thanks mate that's the one ford said I needed did yours have aircon does that make a difference with the brackets or just the amps