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  1. It is actually a 12V point ( I don't smoke ), want to remove it because it is damaged(cover has broken off) I want to install instead a USB power socket
  2. Have some music on a stick. I want to play the songs in a random order, so I engage 'shuffle'. But it wont do anything. It does not 'shuffle'
  3. The mondeo MK5/fusion has an "auto-dimming" (or whatever you call it?) rearvieuw-mirror on the Left, drivers-side in Belgium Why is it not possible on the right side ? Or better, why Ford does not need to put that right too? Am looking for such mirror. This will probably have to come from an English 'colleague '.
  4. Try to drive with the EGR disconnected ( disconnecting vacuum hose ), making sure that the valve is in closed position. If the result stays the same, I would examine the hose from EGR to IC, that might be torn Do you have black smoke, Soot ..on limp mode?
  5. Now, I've got pretty much the same email.. Question is : Is it all true they say about installation? And does it control everything SYNC 2 does? I have to be 100% sure, thougfh
  6. Is it also possible that have an other gearbox? Originally, mine came withe ST-ST and 16" wheels. What I experience, compared to the mk3 tdci, is that he does not have the 'bite' during acceleration
  7. Question : 2.0 tdci engine: ECO vs Non-Eco.....what's the difference here?
  8. That's right, the guy who did it, he had a dongle with a switch You can send him a PB (PM) on Facebook if you want... The name = Jurgen Göthel
  9. Yours is a 2015 mondeo, mine is, too. So yes, I think so
  10. They are part of the menu from the factory and you have to switch them on, using IDS, FORSCAN perhaps ( is this program capable to do switches?). I didn't do it myself, some guy did..
  11. - Locking on departure (can be switched off in the menu)-12V Points permanently- Digital speedometer- Tire pressure visualization
  12. hahahahahahaha very cool !!!!!!