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  1. Who can point me in the right direction of where to find those schematics? I need them for the wiring &connection of the module(s) of the heated steering wheel & powered steering column...
  2. Yes, that's a V60..belongs to my son in law.
  3. I'm about to order an electric adjustable steering column ( memory i.c. with the merory seats ), a heated steering wheel + clockspring & module.. If the seller, in Poland, replies to my email, at least. And then, I have to find somebody who's willing to install it, after hours...
  4. Bought some spares and have them "customize" with parts of other (non-Ford) injectors. They had about 30% extra "flow". And they were not on the limits,yet Indeed, it was professionaly done, and no, I did not need an upgraded fuel pump....
  5. Bought some spares and have them "customize" with parts of other (non-Ford) injectors. They had about 30% extra "flow". And they were not on the limits,yet
  6. I had an AIRTEC intercooler on my ex mk3 tdci. The benefits came after a serious remap. 465 Nm of torque/ 200 bhp for a 2.0 tdci ! Those figures were ic with cold air intake, Pipercross airfiltr and custom made injectors...... In stock map, there was little increase.
  7. Pretty scary, this morning After starting suddenly a whole lot of lights went on: ABS ESP ..... and received a lot of warnings on the screen: check asap ( or somrthing like that).... Electric Power Steering fell out ..... Stopped and started again, everything returns to normal. Did me weekly routine round, no problem, but what struck me? Luckily I had put in the battery monitor .... the "charging voltage" was 15V (at home measured again with multimeter 14.86 V) ... Fear that this is on the high side, right?
  8. Due to the installation of a heated steering wheel, I'm gonna need a SONY control-panel that has the control button(s) . Anyone has a spare or knows someone who has? Or can point me in the right direction...
  9. From 2016 on, I believe, the mondeo's are equiped with SYNC 3 I have a late 2014 and he has SYNC 2 Sat nav update is F 5 Europe on SD card
  10. I want to add an electric steering column. Wonder is it's possible...
  11. 16" rims, pff Okay, it's only for a short period of time, but still
  12. Today, I switched my rims from summer to winter (tyres). The pressure sensors on the summer rims were programmed, all worked fine. However, the winter rims were also programmed before the summer rims came. Now, the winter rims (sensors) are NOT recognized and therefore, they give a warning. Is it possible that they have to be re-programmed ?
  13. I was wondering....if it is possible to add a heated steering wheel, and most what cost?
  14. I don't think so. CC is Always 'ON', but there's no speed selected, so you can drive as fast as you want That's my opinion