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  1. From 2016 on, I believe, the mondeo's are equiped with SYNC 3 I have a late 2014 and he has SYNC 2 Sat nav update is F 5 Europe on SD card
  2. I want to add an electric steering column. Wonder is it's possible...
  3. 16" rims, pff Okay, it's only for a short period of time, but still
  4. Today, I switched my rims from summer to winter (tyres). The pressure sensors on the summer rims were programmed, all worked fine. However, the winter rims were also programmed before the summer rims came. Now, the winter rims (sensors) are NOT recognized and therefore, they give a warning. Is it possible that they have to be re-programmed ?
  5. I was wondering....if it is possible to add a heated steering wheel, and most what cost?
  6. I don't think so. CC is Always 'ON', but there's no speed selected, so you can drive as fast as you want That's my opinion
  7. Connect the wires, connected to the "ON" button, to each other (assuming there are only 2 wires), so that you have a closed circuit. Every time you start the car, it automatically turns on the CC. But I think, in this case, you are never again , able to turn the cc off, in case you need to
  8. Starter, DMF, ??
  9. Cup holders, I am not sure ( have not actually watched yet), but all the other places are accurate
  10. Start / Stop has some limitations.... battery must be charged for at least 80%, front and rear windscreen heating on = no go, climate / air conditioning = no go, headlights on = no go and below 4 ° it does not work, etc These are just the main reasons why it is not working.
  11. eaUsually, those ones on the L & R side are causing the beeps.. Meantime, I've tried by wiping them and it is alraedy a whole lot better
  12. Hi all, I have a small issue with the sensors on the mk5 They beep unexpected, when there is no need to. Suddenly they begin to beep while driving, it gives me the creeps, you don't know what's wrong... They 'sense' something that isn't there.... A moisture problem?
  13. P0251= injection pump A rotor fault engine control module.. P0251 is a fault in the rail pressure of the common rail. This code comes as the rail pressure has a dip of at least 80 bar/1160 lbs This could indicate a leaking injector (s) through which the pressure drops too much. Just a thought...
  14. very well possible that it is only to be activated.....