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  1. I have the TITANIUM, and it's equipped wih this feature. Don't use it very much, though.. Auto-fold, on the other hand, I do not get it why you want this to be disabled?
  2. Retro fit upgrades for MK5

    I have changed my rear bumper into one with the exhaust cut outs. Lower part of bumper, spoiler/diffuser, has to change, and also the black strip with reflectors needs to be changed. I have bought the spare parts at the dealer. If you want to adjust the existing spoiler: it's a no go....tried it
  3. mods to the mondeo

    It is not OEM. I found it at Alli Express Also via ebay I think
  4. mods to the mondeo

    Have done some modifications to my mondeo mk5: grill shutter removed cold air snorkel in front(behind)of the grill rear bumper upgrade
  5. Mounted today the cold air feed. The Active Grill Shutter has to be completely disassembled , and is of no use anymore. It had to disappear, I knew. To make sure no error message appears and he would not store anything in memory, the shutter -motor removed from the shroud and mounted back, also the temperature sensor. The shutter motor is placed " somewhere" in the bumper because there is no mounting position on the front anymore. And the temperature sensor I will mount behind the grille
  6. Hi all, I need a vin of a car that's equiped with those two options. So I can view the configuration of the modules and compare them with my modules. And if necessary, modify my module Who's willing to share his?
  7. 150hp to 210 hp safe?

    And meanwhile, the map has been activated and it feels good! No problems, whatsoever, so far. Drive it already for 2200 miles
  8. 12V Socket

    I've done it with my previous mondeo mk3 (2005-..). It was a HB, with a DVD player (for road maps */DENSO) In that housing, I've placed the 12V socket. You just have to find a wire that is on permanent tension and connect it to. I've used the wire that powered the parking sensor module, but I'm sure that there are more 'power'cables.
  9. Got it in the display, today. Wonder what the cause is... Someone any ideas?
  10. dashcam

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/For-Ford-Mondeo-2015-High-configuration-front-camera-Driving-Video-Recorder-Car-Black-Box-APP-Control/32786936460.html?spm=2114.13010308.0.0.3RJS7j bought a dashcam for my mk5....
  11. 150hp to 210 hp safe?

    I'm going nowhere, no tuning company mk 5 Mondeo has saved the 210 hp folder in the 'brain', as well as the 180 hp folder just need to activate it via UCDS......
  12. some guidance

    I could use some assistance in dismantling the center console, I want to replace the cigarette -lighter under the radio unit
  13. Wiring harness

    Question: Is it possible to expand an exinsting wiring harness with "specific extension packages"?
  14. new windscreen in!

    I find it a good safety option, you never know that you're inattentive for a second and BAM! I know it only works in "slow traffic" but still you can be derived.. And ACC is also an option that I once want.
  15. gadget

    Purchased this voltmeter for the car. Have yet to find a place, but think I already know where: the center console below the radio. I got a cigarette lighter there -> he goes out and the meter in place. But it seems that it's not easy to disassemble the console. He "measures" also capacity (well) of the battery post, but really it will not be accurate Oh well, it's a gadget