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  1. Now, I've got pretty much the same email.. Question is : Is it all true they say about installation? And does it control everything SYNC 2 does? I have to be 100% sure, thougfh
  2. Is it also possible that have an other gearbox? Originally, mine came withe ST-ST and 16" wheels. What I experience, compared to the mk3 tdci, is that he does not have the 'bite' during acceleration
  3. Question : 2.0 tdci engine: ECO vs Non-Eco.....what's the difference here?
  4. That's right, the guy who did it, he had a dongle with a switch You can send him a PB (PM) on Facebook if you want... The name = Jurgen Göthel
  5. Yours is a 2015 mondeo, mine is, too. So yes, I think so
  6. They are part of the menu from the factory and you have to switch them on, using IDS, FORSCAN perhaps ( is this program capable to do switches?). I didn't do it myself, some guy did..
  7. - Locking on departure (can be switched off in the menu)-12V Points permanently- Digital speedometer- Tire pressure visualization
  8. hahahahahahaha very cool !!!!!!
  9. It is an option, so yes, they have DAB+
  10. I think, it's an upgrade, compared to sync 2
  11. Also available in ENGLISH :)
  12. - Locking on departure (can be switched off in the menu) -12V Points permanently - Digital speedometer - Tire pressure visualization
  13. Well, I think the effect is the same as with the diesel engines......