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  1. my esp switch has the paint coming off, just wondering if anybody has had this and if they resprayed the switch and if it worked ok . ive looked for another one on eBay but they don't have the colour of mine on there .mine are a gold ish colour
  2. i would think so .have a look see if you have the plugs for the heated seats behind as in first post
  3. my focus is a 09 titanium . i could get some when the weather gets better
  4. i have installed esp .just a case of running wires from the switch to under the battery . ive also installed heated seats .just a case of running wires from under the seat to switch and wires from fuse box to the seat connector
  5. i did already have sub lighting .didnt realise you didnt .i think you can add it not sure how
  6. i have .its simple just take a lead from the front for submarine lights .the only problem is the roof space is lower in the back and makes it awkward
  7. you dont but your supposed to disconect the battery for 10 minutes before you unplug the set connector
  8. i have this a lot .mines the connectors on the seat plug .it goes of when it feels like it ,i think a lot of electrical problems are to do with the connectors ford use .my head light high beam plays up .i think the connectors are rubbish what ford use
  9. id love to get the train horn .ive seen the pranks that people do with them.they are very loud
  10. i messed up my lcd display on my 09 focus what i did was buy clocks the same and took the lcd out of the new clocks and put them in the old ones and all was ok again. not sure about mot .wouldn't think it would fail
  11. when i went for a mot on mine couple months ago the main bem wouldnt work they tried new bulbs but that didnt help .turned out it was the connectors in the plug that goes to the passenger fuse box
  12. id assume it has to be modified .but thats how i set mine up to double lock
  13. needs doing with elm just tick a box and thats it
  14. simple job to do .ive done my last 2 focuses no problems
  15. ive had mine not working a few times .it just sorts itself out and works again the following day .very annoying .