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  1. im not saying its full .if say its only 8gb say and they have changed it to show as a 128gb. when you try and put say 10gb on it it will crash and yu loose every thing on it i have four 128gb samsung cards here but they are only 8gb .they are fakes .it took me ages to find a genuine one and upset a lot of ebay sellers
  2. doesnt mean much a 32gb sd card can take 500 ish albums
  3. is it really a 128gb ? a lot of fakes have 128gb but are only 8gb .ive bought loads that where like that .you can test them with software .
  4. have you formated the usb to the right format fat 32 i think and upto 32gb only
  5. im open to offers
  6. any one want to buy a head unit ?
  7. i want to know if i can ad a dab usb to get dab radio .would it work ?
  8. this is it .i bought it a few years ago but never used it as it didnt have dab .its a chinese one
  9. i bought a head unit that has sat nav dvd player touch screen it doesnt have sat nav but im wondering if i could buy a usb dab stick .would it work on the head unit ? any ideas . also is it possible to upgrade the software on it ?
  10. the esp mod is fairly easy you just need to take battery out to get to where connections need to go .the usb ive only put it in .was going to connect it to another stereo that has usb but havnt as yet
  11. how about a missile button like in the picture i know its a different car but could be done lol
  12. ive done the esp mod and have usb on the left
  13. i dont have any problems connecting to the stereo connect easily .ive noticed on my phone that it say in paired device it has call audi and media audio ,do these have to be on at all times ? i switch them on and they switch off again
  14. i was wondering if it was stereo or bluetooth wotsit .will have a look . ive had times when i go out to the car and start the car and the stereo just clicks and later on it starts to work . ive tapped the front before and the whole unit goes off and later it come back on
  15. ive been having problems when people ring me while im driving i answer but i can hear anyone and they cant hear me ,not all the time but most of the time . ive removed the phone from the stereo and re connected it but still plays up .ive taken it to pieces and couldnt see any thing wrong . has any one had this or know what it might be