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  1. clutch slip

    thank you.will be using easibleed system
  2. clutch slip

    not sure if i have abs but would it be a problem beleeding the brakes if i do
  3. clutch slip

    on mine ? i dont think mine has been changed. i did ask ford to do it a couple of years ago when they did a service i know i bloke there and when he brought the car back he said they asked about brake fluid but i told them not to bother idiot.im meaning to do it soon using the gunson easi bleed system anything i should look out for ?
  4. clutch slip

    thanks every body for the answers. it doesnt slip all the time just most of the time .so will have to get it sorted.
  5. clutch slip

    im trying to sort out if my clutch needs changing or if it is something else.ive tried the pulling off in second gear and have no problem doing that so im wondering if its something else. is it the clutch cable. could it be it needs oiling or adjusting ? could it be the fluid need changing ? info on how the focus clutch works would be welcome . been qouted £440 is that a good price ? mk2 fl focus is the car.
  6. Focus MK2 Aluminium Pedal Kit

    im thinking of getting these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-MK2-ST-ST225-RS-Clutch-Pedal-Pad-1366821/162201957663?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. ECOCUT-windshield-wiper-Windscreen-Wiper-Blades-Cutter

    so not worth buying one then ?
  8. whats peoples thoughts on this device ? do you think it works or worth having or just a gimick
  9. do you have a multimeter ? check if you have voltage at the connector
  10. i found when doing it i think it does it in km not sure if that will help
  11. MK2 centre cover

    my thoughts too.only screws underneath.i small screw driver would get in the slots and pop it off
  12. lights coming on then going off and on again

    not sure the number but it had 2 pins h7 i think and i do have auto lights
  13. ive just put a new head light bulb in when i was testing that it works ok i noticed that when i turned the lights on they came on then went off and came back on again. ive noticed the dash does this also.is it something that can be changed in settings with a cable or is tthat how it normally works ?
  14. Heater Control Cable / Valve problem

    i had this on my mk2 fl .found out it was a wire catching on a cable after id bought a new cable .just make sure nothing is in th way of it.
  15. cruise controll

    just been out and its working press on followed by set button and it works .it hasnt in the past so thought it was broken but its ok now . thanks for clearing it up for me .