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  1. that will be it . nice one lol
  2. i went to black circles great price and the tyres i chose are fine .cant remember what they were lol
  3. you look too young to be behind the wheel Lenny lol
  4. i had climairs never had a problem with them until i was tying something on the roof and forgot to open the drivers door and the rope broke the drivers side one . so i see hekos at half the price and got them .i know why now .the drivers rear has come of and the over are loose . if i could buy one drivers climair i would put the climairs back on i have 2 brand new heckos not fitted to get rid of
  5. stop messing about and get the climairs .superior quality to hekos
  6. i also had one of my hekos break so they sent me 2 new front ones . get the climairs you wont be disappointed . im thinking of trying to sell my hekos and get climairs again
  7. you can get them on ebay or google the they have an office you can buy from . i know now why they where half the price of hekos
  8. ive fitted them and dont like them . the climairs are better in my opinion . the hekos ive put on are nearly falling off they dont seem to fit very well . they do look good but give me climairs any day
  9. sounds with the live when car switched of will that keep the battery in the camera charged ? also do you know where i can buy a kit that supports mini USB cant find one any where
  10. ok cheers
  11. i hope you dont mind me asking a question when you use one of these hard wire kits is the camera on all the time ? or does it sense movement then switch on ? and where can i get a kit that has mini usb ? ive only seen micro usb ones
  12. loads of cheap ones that are pretty good . i got this one even used it a while ago when a fed ex driver pulled into my lane to get his mate some work it works well and is good quality picture wise
  13. when i said passenger connector i meant the one behind the passenger foot well not the seat plug
  14. i had a night mare with this .when i was doing heated seats i remember i hadn't connected the passenger connectors properly and it came up with this message . well when i started getting it for no reason going into limp mode i immediately thought it was the connector in foot well . so i took each wire out and connected the together and all seamed ok .ive had a few warnings but pushed the wires into each other and every thing has been ok since . have a look in the passenger foot well behind the plastic trim and make sure they are connected properly. im still trying to get new connectors from breakers . hth
  15. yesterday was the first time ive heard it .maybe tyres need changing thanks for reply