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  1. you can take the whole thing of the dash use some thing to pop it out
  2. i wish i hadn't read this topic.I've just had to buy a new battery this morning .gone out to the car 3 times in the past few months and just got the dreaded clicking when turning the car over had the battery tested and was told it is just draining so new battery
  3. ony thing is i forgot to mention is the front ones in the back bulge slightly as they are thicker the back so would be good to but something on the roof inside liner to push liner away from roof a bit if you follow me
  4. no probs
  5. yep the same .i changed my back one with the same as the front one
  6. if they say car was locked at all times to me that says its some one at the garage with the key .
  7. there are programs out there that allow you to type in the serial number and it generates the code .you would need to take it out to get the serial number should be on the back have a google
  8. thanks for links not sure on size 1mm to 2mm .first one looks a bit shiny .ive ordered some in blue .see how it goes .
  9. you dont have a link do you .they have so many differen types its unreal
  10. the string has already pulled out .stupid parcel shelf geot stuck and when i opened the boot it pulled the string out good idea .hadnt thought to much about it yet but thats a good idea thank you .
  11. thought about that but looks a bit of a task getting the string back in the fittings
  12. i have had both snap on me now. apart from breakers yards whats a cheap place to buy dont want to pay £9 each for them and do m1 focus ones fit the same length wise
  13. any one now what leds they use in cree fogs ? one of mine has gone and thought id have a go at repairing it for bit of fun
  14. isnt it typical .went for retest ,was watching the from window and could see thm under the back of the car. wasnt sure if they were admiring my twin fogs or twin reverse lights .so i go over and ask whats happening and the bloke say your fog lights not working . so i have to get under car and take the passenger one out and put in drivers one all ok how does a cree fog bulb blow if its never been used ? it passed
  15. i want to thank every body for the help it kept me sain . ive sorted it out i think it was a setting in elm that id set up that was wrong .its all ok now so getting it checked tomorrow so should get mot . Thanks every one