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  1. passenger vanity mirror cover

    ive had 2 focuses that have had the problem so the scrappy one would maybe be the same.
  2. passenger vanity mirror cover

    somebody must of had this surely
  3. passenger vanity mirror cover

    is there any way to fix the passenger vanity mirror cover .on the st i had and now the focus titanium its always slightly open .is there a way to make it so it shuts properly .
  4. MK2 Instrument cluster swap

    im going to be installing the longer lcd screen one in my focus 2.5 hopefully.ive replaced for normall one as i messed up the circuit board. i cant go into to much detail as i was giving a how to from someone and cant give it out.hopefully the lovely fellow might never know
  5. ah i see.i thought you was conecting it straight to the box.
  6. ive got the square usb thingy,but how did you connect it to the music box ?they have different connectors
  7. i have usb and aux jack does that mean i have it ? what i want to do is use the usb like you have but not sure where to connect the usb to .
  8. i have that head unit only in 1 disc did you connect the usb to your head unit please ?
  9. Door mirror fold button not working

    what i would do is unplug the switch and short the 2 wires that fold the mirror .if it folds you know its not the switch.if it doesnt then something else. there should be four ish wires 2 for the led in the switch and 2 for the fold .you might be able to get a diagram some where to show wwhat wires do what. hth
  10. Don't use auto headlights in foggy conditions

    im glad then on the mk 2.5 you cant put the fogs on with head light on auto.i have to put them on manual to use the safe
  11. Don't use auto headlights in foggy conditions

    can you switch the fogs on when lights are on auto ?im sure with mine i have to put them on manual to switch fogs on
  12. Door mirror fold button not working

    check the switch.or the wiring
  13. Wet Back Seats

    no .it will only come out when pushing the washer button/lever .some times they split .
  14. Wet Back Seats

    check the rear lights for leaking or the rear sceen washer pipe hasnt come off
  15. i have a titanium with built in cruise.well mine plays stoped working so i ordered anothe switch for the clutch pedal i think it was and it worked again but not for id check the peddle switches are working ok