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  1. thats how i do it .
  2. i had the old trouble with my bonnet lock and decided to sort it once and for all .so i bought the lock as in pic and the rod that goes to it and all is ok .better than the cable type .try it .
  3. yeah im going to have a look and see what happens next year .chancers
  4. id stick it on the bonnet but clean it well first
  5. i take it a you mention clips they are hekos
  6. they do only hold by tape and i never had a problem with climis
  7. climairs are the best i have hekos on or should say had .the 2 rears fell off and passenger one started coming off all clips have fallen off i wish id never fitted hekos
  8. it was a solid brake pipe ive had the car from near new only gates fords ford owned it before me it was a year old when i got it. it was just mot. the wipers are ok maybe a bit hard now will be changing them soon
  9. i realise that now . about 5 years ago they advised me my front wipers and ive still got the same ones on but no mention .
  10. its not any different to how its always been so i dont understand them saying its high .was also told oil filter is old . needs changing .my plan shortly i can understand being told crap from cowboys but not ford
  11. i dont live by the sea lol i think the brake hose must have hung down as was told he fixed it back best he could . i understand about the shocks the thing is i dont do a lot of millage so not much going up and down lol i put new disc and pads on about 2 year ago and now they say they 85% worn .and mentioned that the clutch bite was high its no different to when i bought it
  12. after having an advisory on a ball joint on the rear no mention this time around wierd . any way was advised that the rear shock have a light misting of oil on them ? cars only done 47000 miles also brake pipe damaged ? just wondering what rear shocks would be a good replacement ? its a focus 1.6 titanium . i would have thought the shocks would last longer then that .
  13. im not saying its full .if say its only 8gb say and they have changed it to show as a 128gb. when you try and put say 10gb on it it will crash and yu loose every thing on it i have four 128gb samsung cards here but they are only 8gb .they are fakes .it took me ages to find a genuine one and upset a lot of ebay sellers
  14. doesnt mean much a 32gb sd card can take 500 ish albums
  15. is it really a 128gb ? a lot of fakes have 128gb but are only 8gb .ive bought loads that where like that .you can test them with software .