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  1. clutch sensor

    yeah ive ticked the box .had problems with it couple of years ago and i changed the throttle switch or brake switch cant remember what one it was and it cured it for a while then stopped again
  2. clutch sensor

    brake lights work ok .just now and again the revs build when excelerating but not always .will be looking into this cheers .
  3. clutch sensor

    ive had rev problems when driving thought maybe clutch was going but it not all the time .and my cruise controll doesnt work .could it be the switch then is the switch on th clutch pedal ?

    ive got dab on mine earlier model .i just press radio untill it comes up with what i want .try that
  5. in car or out

    i just charge while in the car
  6. 2007 focus number plate light shining on rear screen

    my boot trim isnt on and light doesnt shine on the rear screen .maybe the bulb holder isnt in right .
  7. mk2 clocks change.

    the elm wont program clocks in you need the ford one and software ive done it myself its not hard had someone send me the software but was asked not to give it out
  8. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    i understand that yeah would like my needles to light up blue
  9. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    some one stole the 2 lol ok glad i never bought one then. do you think the needles would fit mk2 fl clocks ?
  10. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    ive often wondered if these would fit a mk fl ?
  11. clutch issues ?

    the pedal seems to return properly it doesnt feel spongy .ive had the car from a year old from gates im not a boy racer and try to drive sensibly
  12. clutch issues ?

    im wondering if it its not disengaging
  13. clutch issues ?

    any other thougts ? and wheres the bleed nipple ?
  14. clutch issues ?

    im hoping hydraulic or not releasing .could it be the clutch needs bleeding ? where is the bleed nipple if there is one .
  15. clutch issues ?

    ive been having issues with the clutch.sometimes it seems as if its slipping .it doesnt happen all the time . i sometime change from first into second i excelerate and the revs rise fater then they should do other times its ok i thought it wa my age and i wasnt letting the clutch out fully but i have been .the car has only done about 48000 miles . is there a way of testing the clutch to see if it is going ?