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  1. any one know the length of the bonnet lock for a mk2 fl focus.2009 i bought one from china but it doesnt work poperly i got a refund so ok. but i thought id give it another go today but it seems to long and pushes the grill forward and wont unlock
  2. i want to have my dash cam wired with constant power so it can use the motion detection . does the camera need a unit to shut it down when power gets low or just straight power ?
  3. i did use elm and i will try redoing it see if that helps . you know what its like you are pretty sure how you did but your mind plays tricks on you
  4. i havnt changed any thing for a long time so shouldnt be . i know when i press the button it double locks . ive had strange things happen used to get the drivers rear door reported as pasenger rear door its sorted its self out now
  5. i was pretty sure thats how i used to open the door .but now i have to pull it twice to open the door .trying to find out why
  6. 09 titanium mk2 face lift
  7. im sure i used to just pull the inner handle once to open the door from being locked .but now i have to pull the handle to take the lock off then pull again to open the door this is from the car auto locking to save any confusion . any ideas what could be wrong anyone had this problem
  8. would it go pop because they havent emptied the system first and to much presure ? im needing mine done and its the last thing i want
  9. ah you want a specific page . i cant help then
  10. its on the page your post is .scroll up you will see it
  11. cheers i like it a lot think its the best by far . used to like my old escot in amparo blue
  12. learn something every day lenny
  13. what colour blue is your car ? i love that colour
  14. i dont think anything mate. with that unit i dont think it will dimm with the car control .it say to use button 6 and slide to dimm i dont think a relay will make it dimm as relays are on or off
  15. go into maplin and ask for a 30amp 4 pin always open relay .