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  1. im getting my shoes and drums from euro car parts
  2. climairs for me . ive got hekos but dont like the way they fit ,mine are loose
  3. i think this is the best thread going lol ive seen maiden about 3 times mainly at Hamersmith i think it was .still got the programs .have you watched the iron maiden vid of them touring in a plane edforce 1 any way what i do is look for a connector on the fuse box in foot well that doesnt have a wire connected too and i find out what fuse place it is i add a wire and fuse and you have power
  4. ive seen them twice at earls court and at wembley i was surprised when listening to some iron maiden that i realized that the Metallica song remember tomorrow was actually written and sung by maiden in 1980
  5. me too .id love to see them one last time
  6. glad to help mate i got ths one
  7. i got one like yours from pound shop and it plays up .I got the genuine Samsung charger and works OK
  8. just get a proper Samsung charger
  9. undo the screws under the cowell then lift it of .be careful when installing the light .i broke the frst one i did got a new one .my cowell doesnt sit properly for some reason. i think they are torx screws
  10. but lenny your build thread is to long lol
  11. i bet the wallet and the misses are well pleased lol
  12. cheers lenny .was just going through your build thread but you answered before i got to the speaker mod you did . you sure put a lot of work in didnt you
  13. what size adapters for the rear doors Lenny please .got to do mine when weather gets better .
  14. my esp switch has the paint coming off, just wondering if anybody has had this and if they resprayed the switch and if it worked ok . ive looked for another one on eBay but they don't have the colour of mine on there .mine are a gold ish colour
  15. i would think so .have a look see if you have the plugs for the heated seats behind as in first post