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  1. no thats just a rubber ring . ive done it now .i had to force the black plast fitting at the bottom off and that was it . thanks
  2. can some one pease tell me how to remove the bonnet lock from the barrel the bit with arrow pointing at it ive tried putting the key in and pulling ive removed 2 little metal bits and still wont move
  3. they are the ones ive put in .very bright and work well
  4. i put 2 reverse bulbs on my car both led .whent for a mot and one didnt work the wrong one .so i swapped the bulbs over all ok . i looked at the one that didnt work ,i pulled the bulb holder off of the connectector cleaned the pins up and put it back and worked ok .try that you never know . does a standard bulb work ok ?
  5. i live right near the green also .let me know when you want me to help .im out on Tuesday and Wednesday but apart from that im in most the time . make sure you have elm on the laptop as well pm me if you want
  6. that inner tube sounds awesome lol
  7. i could always help mate no worries .do you have a laptop with windows seven on ? where about in Edmonton does she live ?
  8. as you have a titanium like me ,if i remember rightly i added 2 wires and enabled with elm . im in Edmonton so bit far for you
  9. good luck with that .
  10. when i used to ride bikes my hands used to be frozen solid .but it was worth it
  11. right been out trying to open the bonnet . wouldnt open . i managed to get the grill of without breaking any clips .all i did was push the plastic screw up got some long nose pliers and squeezed the holder together and pushed them up and then pulled the grill of . found out the metal wire that turns the lock had snapped .i bought this on ebay but i cant work out how to fit it between the lock and catch
  12. saw this the other day .i would love a machine like this
  13. id imagine fairly easy but expensive for no real benefit .ive thought about it but decided against it
  14. a petrol tanker would be beneficial lol
  15. i cant imagine your car looking that nice in a dress lol