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  1. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    i understand that yeah would like my needles to light up blue
  2. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    some one stole the 2 lol ok glad i never bought one then. do you think the needles would fit mk2 fl clocks ?
  3. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    ive often wondered if these would fit a mk fl ?
  4. clutch issues ?

    the pedal seems to return properly it doesnt feel spongy .ive had the car from a year old from gates im not a boy racer and try to drive sensibly
  5. clutch issues ?

    im wondering if it its not disengaging
  6. clutch issues ?

    any other thougts ? and wheres the bleed nipple ?
  7. clutch issues ?

    im hoping hydraulic or not releasing .could it be the clutch needs bleeding ? where is the bleed nipple if there is one .
  8. clutch issues ?

    ive been having issues with the clutch.sometimes it seems as if its slipping .it doesnt happen all the time . i sometime change from first into second i excelerate and the revs rise fater then they should do other times its ok i thought it wa my age and i wasnt letting the clutch out fully but i have been .the car has only done about 48000 miles . is there a way of testing the clutch to see if it is going ?
  9. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?

    mine uses my mobile phone
  10. Is there a How-To on headlamp dismantling for a 2009
  11. Is there a How-To on headlamp dismantling for a 2009

    how did it end up with me saying im an out of box thinker?
  12. Is there a How-To on headlamp dismantling for a 2009

    i have the chrome ones in the loft as i have the black ones on the car would like to do them .but i know from escort days they are extremely hard to take apart .i wish you luck let us know how it goes
  13. Is there a How-To on headlamp dismantling for a 2009

    you might end up with the plastic part twisting or bending out of shape with such direct heat
  14. Wind deflectors

    ive gone 50/50 .ive got hekos on the front and climairs on the back lol ive got 2 brand new front hekos in the box if any one want to swap for climair fronts
  15. Wind deflectors

    i had problems with windows bouncing back .but after reseting the windows they worked ok . they are the best because the clips on the hekos on mine have fallen out the back ones have fallen off .none of which has happened to the climairs .i had the clims on my st took them off and put them on the focus i have now . i only bought hekos because i broke my drivers one and heard hekos are better but i dont think so