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  1. 04 mondeo tdci 115bhp

    Ive recently bought a 54 plate mondeo. All was fine for couple weeks no problems at all. Then 1 day decided not to start, turning over and occassionally tryin to go but not going, yhen if left 15-20mins would start fine. Under hard accelleration would sometimes go into limp mode, turn off and on again n no probs. I cleaned egr valve out and was fine for day or 2 then did it again so decided to blank the egr off and again was fine . Then for 2-3 days it would start as and when it felt like it. Wemt work weds morn no problems, drove home no probs, went to go out after bout an hr and wouldnt start so checked glow plugs and low and behold 2 had failed so replaced those 2 to see if would start up and it did until today, been out in it come home gone to go out again and wont start. Ive got no codes showing up on my reader but after it failds to start the orange coil light on dash flashes as it did when it went into limp mode. Anyone got any suggestions as im ready to smash the thing up now. Ive looked on different firums and some are saying egr faulty, some furl pump, some injectors, ecu etc but there no way im spending a stupid amount of money repairing a 12 yr old car. Thanks in advance and sorry about it being such a long post
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