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  1. Cheers mate....I usually see the spoiler at around £90 on ebay, but its from abroad....don't know if to buy it or not? Has anyone bought anything from some1 on ebay from abroad? Thanks Vimal
  2. been to a couple of places and they all told me can't be ill just sell it on.
  3. i think the blue wires are the aux point...its the other plug thats the problem...if u have a look in the sony picture...the plug is thinner then the older one...
  4. thats the new sony unit the current unit Thanks
  5. :'( went to get the wire and the guy said it won't work....the loom connection is different for the sony cd processing unit, so he told me I'd have to find the original wire which came with the unit and even then, id have to cut the existing loom and then find out what every wire does and match them up accordingly and if I mess anything up it could mess the canbus up... :(
  6. Should hopefully just be one wire which connects the 2 into 1....hopefully get it sorted tomorrow.
  7. The new screen that came with the Sony will not...I did try that..but the screen doesn't even switch on with a time etc when connected with the old cd unit.
  8. I mean the connections on the cd unit...the actual Sony unit is fine.
  9. Attempted to fit the radio...but the connections are diff at the back...the new sony only has 1 connection, where as the old one had 2 connections....would anyone happen to know which wiring harness i would need? Thanks
  10. No...not got it at the moment :( thanks for the help and the vid...let you know how I get on with fitting it when it arrives :)
  11. I've got same problem...will have to check wiring tomorrow.
  12. Ahh thanks, much appreciated :)...seems fairly simple. Would u happen to know if the screen I'm getting with it is any diff to the screen already in and also of they have Bluetooth?
  13. ye i was thinkin i might have have to buy sep. Below is a quote i got from a local ford dealer.. Paynes of Hinckly for the kit...and then £840 on top to have sprayed and fitted. rear difuser £190.54 front bumper difuser £213.70 Grille £58.96 Additional lower deflector £130.52 o/s side skirt £142.12 n/s side skirt £142.12 Rear Spoiler £165.49 Regarding the sony radio....i popped into a local stereo place who quoted me £45 to have it fitted. However he then told me that ford are bringing a new model out in about a months time which has a screen which can play dvd's etc and will cost me £240 plus im guessing £45 fitting. Has anyone heard of anything similr? Thanks
  14. just bought it :D Aint your fiesta already got one? Need to upgrade the speakers and get an underseat sub now...1 thing at a time though. lol Love the look of your fiesta btw :) Hopefully have mine looking something similar. I think the dress up kit is going to take me a while to get together though.
  15. ye can live without it...ive been on ebay for the past week looking for the same thing...and i could only find one that was over £300..hats off to you mate! In your that a good price? Thanks