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  1. Has no-one out of the 50 views so far nothing to add to this post ?
  2. Just completed a 1.8td engine conversion on my 2002 Escort van & have fuel/turbo issues Donor car was a 97 Escort td (70ps Non intercooled) Had to swap nearly everything from the van set up onto the td engine due to the 5 year age gap between vehicles (so many differences), New TD engine running the old non turbo fuel pump due to the turbo pump having 5 wires and van wiring loom having only 3 wires, so made the decision whilst the engine was out to use the 3 pin fuel pump as I knew it would work with the van wiring loom. The van starts & drives ok but turbo not kicking in, the turbo is working but not boosting like it should I believe the non turbo fuel pump currently running on the turbo engine is the problem to why it's not boosting so my question is would the actual original 5 pin turbo fuel pump work on the vans 3 pin wiring loom .? turbo fuel pump doesn't have the turbo boost pipe btw Should I try & turn up the fuel on the non turbo fuel pump currently on the turbo engine or take a chance & swap the 5 pin turbo fuel pump back onto the engine knowing the loom on the van only has 3 wires...?
  3. Hi There Have a 2002 Escort 1.8 diesel van with 101,000 miles (work horse) just lately its become ill Last week its was driving perfectly until all of a sudden it started knocking & smoking It has had timing belts along with water pump changed recently by myself ( ex ford mechanic ) & a full engine service & she was on the button as always I have re-checked the timing both on the cam & the pump - Timing is perfect.Removed the cam cover & checked the cam & followers - All ok & doing what they should do.Cracked the fuel pipes coming from the pump to each injector whilst it was running and it went to cut out on every cylinder each time - Also swapped out the injectors one by one with a known good injector - Still running rough.The engine sounds and looks like its off a cylinder at idle - It knocks & smokes (blue smoke) between idle & 3 thousand revs after 3 thousand revs it sounds & performs normal.It drives OK and still has the same power as it ised to.Going to remove the injectors again and perform a compression test on each cylinder to eliminate a bad valve or broken ring(s) Head gasket OK & strats straight away Could the avanced solenoid on the pump be faulty ? Cranking note has changed slightly (timing ok though) & it's putin up through the inlet manifold on idle Any ideas guys ?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Jensen :)