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  1. My Mk8 Fiesta

    personal oppions i suppose, and well it wont look bad once ive got the skirts and spoiler all be sprayed just havent had the cash to do it currently
  2. My Mk8 Fiesta

    just got my new alloys, look massive on the car but realy realy nice!
  3. My 61 plate ford fiesta

    Hi guys, this is my new 61 plate ford fiesta which i got for my 18th. hopefully going to make a few modifications on it to make it unique http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&module=post&section=image#
  4. CIMG1307

    From the album My 61 plate ford fiesta

  5. My Mk8 Fiesta

    thank you very much, very new to this since i have just started, how did u get hold of the lower grill parts? silver?
  6. My Mk8 Fiesta

    Hey guys, as you can see this is my 61 plate mark 8 fiesta zetec which i want to turn in to my own. I haven't done much so far apart from but the black spliter on the front and i have put the twin exhaust pipe on the back for a more sport effect. Things i would like to do next are: rear defflector rear spoiler alloy wheels ( coming on Thursday see picture) lowerd suspension leather seats p.s. sorry for the bad spelling. tell em what you think? http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/gallery/album/969-my-61-plate-ford-fiesta/
  7. CIMG1306

    From the album My 61 plate ford fiesta

  8. CIMG1305

    From the album My 61 plate ford fiesta

  9. CIMG1303

    From the album My 61 plate ford fiesta

  10. CIMG1301

    From the album My 61 plate ford fiesta

  11. Welcome to the Ford forums westie la fiesta :)