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  1. Providing your 2000e does not have the optional ABS, in which case it would have rear discs, then the rear arm from any 2wd Sierra from 1987 onwards with drum brakes will fit (excluding estates obviously). Chances are though that you will need a replacement rear shock absorber as well as these twist easily @ the base where they go into the lower arm in this sort of impact. Your best bet, therefore, would be to go to a local car breakers. I did not note where you are located? If in the SE, I can recommend a couple of good locations which will have plentiful stock for you.
  2. The diode pack in the alternator has "blown" a diode. There are 3 diodes in the "pack", 1 for overcharge, 1 for undercharge and 1 for tripping the circuit initially. This diode is what works the light inside the car. When blown, this will allow the alternator to act like a generator as siphon charge back from the battery when not in use. Only real thing to do is to change the alternator. You can replace the diode packs, but it is the first thing you put in when rebuilding the alternator, so would cost more than a replacement.
  3. Hi everyone, just found the site and have already added it to the bookmarks section :D What can I say about myself... ... well, for a living I work in a bodyshop basically in charge of any ordering, I used to be VP of a Sierra Club until a couple of months ago and have basically been born and bred Ford since I was born. Spare time is playing around modifying and restoring these old things. The collection include a Sierra 2000e, Sierra Sapphire 4x4 Ghia, MK5 Fiesta, Pop "sit-up-and-beg" which has not moved in over 25 years in dry storage (next project) and an Escort Cabriolet MK4. Give me a little time and I'll get some pictures up of some of the cars and a few resto bits as well (is there any subforum dedicated to this?). Other than that, hello....