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  1. Battery Drain On Focus C-Max 53 Plate Petrol

    Hello I have unhooked the clip which connects the tailgate switch in the boot. Then I bought a new battery and checked for battery drain. I have the double bonus that there is no drain, and the boot doesn't open on it's own! Problem fixed. Thanks very much for the help. Ed
  2. Battery Drain On Focus C-Max 53 Plate Petrol

    That's what I was thinking of doing if I can't find the correct fuse. It wouldn't matter as I only ever open the boot with the key fob anyway. Thank you so much for the replies, I will let you know if it solves the prob. Cheers
  3. Battery Drain On Focus C-Max 53 Plate Petrol

    Which fuse is it? Cheers Ed
  4. Battery Drain On Focus C-Max 53 Plate Petrol

    Thanks very much for the quick reply!! Thought it might be that. Cheers Ed
  5. Hello, Over the weekend my C-max has been impossible to start due to a flat battery. It is a 1.6 petrol engine. Got the RAC out and he said that the car needs a new battery, which is fine. However he also said that there is a battery drain coming from somewhere. He said that when the meter was placed on the negative battery cable, I should get a reading of below 0.10, and it was coming back at between 0.15 and 0.20. This was after leaving the system to turn off after around 30 mins. I have been having the tailgate problem, which seems quite common, where the boot opens on its own when the car is unlocked. Could this be the reason for the battery drain? I dont want to buy a new battery only to have the same problem in a few weeks. I dont know if its relevant, but I had four new brake pads fitted on Friday and this started Saturday. Im not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, and if I am not I apologise! Any help would be great.. Cheers Ed
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums astroted :)