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  1. Interior Trim Clip - MK2

    Thanks for the offer of help but I just shelled out for it from fordpartsuk. I've spent days trawling eBay but couldn't find any similar pics are a bit crap sorry
  2. Interior Trim Clip - MK2

    I've managed to get to Ford but they won't order me one as "normally you can only buy 20 at a time" Got the finis so ill take a look online. In case anyone ever needs it 1432105 *Edit* £7.37 from fordpartsuk! FML!
  3. Interior Trim Clip - MK2

    I had to remove my doorcard to fix the door strap the other day. In doing so I've broken a trim clip that keeps the door handle connected to the door before the trim panel goes back on. This clip is held in place by a T25 screw. I've been to a Halfords and a local car parts shop and neither had the right clip. Can anyone let me know the type of clip?
  4. Front end facelift

    Wilto that looks beautiful
  5. MK2 Door Stay Catch

    Anyone? 😢
  6. MK2 Door Stay Catch

    Quite sometime ago, a gust of wind blew my driver side door open and broke the tie strap. Can anyone answer the following: 1. Will a 5 door tie strap be OK on a 3 door? 2. What's involved in fitting ?
  7. Radio / sat nav ststem

    You can keep an eye on the classified section here on the forum or look on eBay. Another alternative is the eonon head units.
  8. Parking Sensors on MK 2.5

    Have you got a link to these?
  9. Long time hire car question

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! She's finally getting her car repaired tomorrow 😃
  10. Hi, Roughly two months ago my sister was on in a minor RTC. Her car was looked at by a garage and needs some minor repair work. A couple of days later a nearly new hire car was dropped off and she was told the garage will call when they require her to drop her car off for repair. She's now been running around in a nearly new focus for roughly 2 months and is in no rush to get her 11 year old civic looked at by the garage. Can anyone shed any light on the possibility that she may incur some sort of bill for this? She's under the impression that neither she nor the neighbour that crashed into her will get a bill for this but I'm worried one of them might since she's not been forthcoming in approaching the garage to get her own car fixed.
  11. That's awesome thanks!
  12. Have you got a link to this box? I've had a nosey on eBay but can't seem to see anything matching your description.
  13. Which Wishbones - Mk2

    Thanks for the help
  14. Which Wishbones - Mk2

    Good evening troops! I need new wishbones for my 1.6 2006 mk2 zetec climate auto. The trouble is, I don't know if I need the 18mm or the 21mm. My reg is SH06 EKC. When I put it in Euro car parts it lists both the 18s and 21s! The only thing that's listed differently is the 21mm's say "with xenon" is that the only difference? I can't understand why xenon lights would require an extra 3mm thickness? Can anyone shed some light? Thanks in advance.
  15. Focus Red & Black Editions

    The red one doesn't look bad but the black one is awful. What will be the price difference over a normal car? I imagine it'll be cheaper to buy a normal car and wrap the roof yourself.