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    First let me say what a great site for help and information HI there I need your help my Speedo was going from 30 to 140 then back down to 0 and the temperature and fuel gauge was going up and down all other the places, then it would be ok for 30 mins then play up again. I went to ford and they charged me £60 for a diagnose and said it would need a new cluster The next day my head lights went on my car and I opened up to see the plastic at the back had all be melted. The local grauge said that I would need a new alternator fitted as it was Charing at 18.5 volts instead of 14 volts they also said that that might be make my Speedo to play up due to the fact that if the voltage is go's high or lowthe Speedo dose at self reboot/ diagnoses test. I had a new alternator and battery fitted and the car worked great for about 30 mins Then the car lost all power and would not restart, the rac took me back to the gauge and they checked the alternator and said every think was fine and they don't know whets wrong with it still the battery light still go's on and off but the Speedo is now working fine. please help sorry about the spelling any help would be great N.JONES