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  1. does it mean that RS might support cruise control?
  2. but Kuga mk1 2.5T had cruise control so PCM is able to support this feature
  3. point is that ROM 512 was introduced after end of FF2 production (Kuga mk1 was still produced) and it's only available for instrument cluster with small display
  4. Congrats! What are other planned mods? Sony radio, IPC with big display? :)
  5. with new v14, is it possible to enable cruise in FF2 ST/RS ??
  6. Cruise Control

    hi some MisiekT's description on CC retrofit is here: but you need to translate for yourself :)
  7. look here: there are pictures how to add additional wire to hood lock (pictures are taken from tutorial from
  8. Autor of ELMConfig suggest to change to 5 - I had 63 (maximum!), but now I have 5 :)
  9. According to civil-zz, once you get instant cons delay, it can't be cured in new ELMConfig you can update HEC with small display to rom 512