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  1. People , I tested the new MAF and the problem persist. Next week my mechanical will look all the systens to find the issue. In the scanner reading the MAF reading is blocked , displays 1.75 , the normal maf have to display 3,75. The journey continues.
  2. I will do this test with my mechanical , The seller i bought the MAF from E-KLASS will send me a new maf to test. My friend will borrow me a original MAF in supbert condition to test to. I will report the situation soon, Thanks a lot people.
  3. I checked , don't have false air entrace
  4. I will check out wires of the maf , I don't think in this part of the problem . Now a i need q good wiring maf cabe to test .Or i buy the cable ate junkward ou a new cable. I wiil thing it this week.It is the last thing to put my focus 100% But in my case the engine light doesn't stay on , onl the DTC P103 and diagnost from scanner . What manufacture of MAF or you don't need buy a new maf. I working with the possibilit to buy a new maf from uk , of good quality , in brazil , all maf for ford focus zetec are terrible and the ford dealer , they don't sell this part anymore.
  5. People, I have a problem in my ford focus '01 zetec 1.8 16v petrol. The Dashbord DTC , show the code P103, accordind TIS ford , this is MAF problem,and my mecanichal plug the scanner in the car, and here the maf have a low voltage. I tried to clean the maf 2x but nothing changes. Ok , I bought a new maf , and the things get worst , the ilde rotation is worst the original and "dameged " MAF. A afraid the my PCM is dameged . In brazil a don't find good manufactures of MAF , the E-KLASS MAF i bought doesent work. Here in uk and europe, with manufactures of MAF we use. I very unhappy with this, because i did a good service in the car ( timming belt kit, acessories timming belt kit , oil , revision in the hydraulic steering , brake fluid , new fuel pump ) but the maf problem is very boring to me. Anyone can help and had his problem and how do to fix it ? Ford Brasil, don't produce anymore this part foi my car, because in brasil afte ten year the car discontued the manufactures doesn't have the obligation to built parts , and de paralelal parts in a lot of case don't have a good quality.
  6. Hey I'm Bruno Medina, 31 years old civil Engineering. I have a 2001 ford focus 1.8 16v petrol 5 doors, since 2006. I would like to share and learn about this car. last week i did a good service in the focus 1)Replace the hydraulic direction sensor ( is leaking ) 2) Chance al fluid ( engine oil , hydraulic streeing , brake fluid and coolant fluid) 3)I bought the new maf sensor ( mine is in trouble ) 4)Change the timming belt kit , i used gates ks402 kit , is a good kit 5)Chance the poly-v timming belt kit 6)last year a chance a the IAC 10 years with the car , i had many histories with,i love this car. Because this in here to learn more about this cars , here in uk , we have a lot of people who like and have a very good know how about this family of engine ( ZETEC engine). Sorry for my por english, i want to improve it too. Best regrats Bruno Medina
  7. I have this problem too . I don't fix it , because i have to change all lock door system and it very expensive. I lock the car with key always . Some people try to use wb40 for lubrification the system .
  8. Hi, I'm from brazil and recently i'm bought 4 tires . The size is 185/ 65 R14 the link below contains a picture of the tire These tires are good or bad ? I don't know about manufacture ,i'm bought because they are very cheap . Anyone use or used this model of tyres? my car is ford focus 1.8 16v zetec petrol 2001/2001 Sorry for my poor english
  9. Jesus , i can't imaginate these prices here , it's very expensive , the same as here in brazil
  10. I'm only study , Universty study to be a geography engineer I hope finish the graduation in 2012
  11. If you want economy buy the diesel version If you want medium performace in petrol buy 1.6 zetec version But I have a 2001 focus 1.8 16v zetec , petrol , and it have a good mark of fuel economy , remeber a i'm fron brazil the numbers of fuel expense is 10 kilometers for 1 litre in the city 14 kilometers for 1 litre in the road ( Air condition turn on 100% and cruise speed about 100/120 km/h ) People Anyone have a photo of engine from ford focus 1.6 zetec if we have post here for me I have dount " the 1.6 zetec is the same 1.6 zetec rocam , sell in latim americam?"
  12. The fan engine is broken change this Here in UK this part is not be very expensive , buy a new one .
  13. Velocity Sensos could be dameged but your related i suggest you check de painel and change it One of this possibilits ou both
  14. Look at this amazing video corvette can't chase fiesta hahahahah
  15. I don't understand your question sorry ,my english is terrible can you awser again?