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  1. Tuning Boxes

    Im wondering the same thing. My mate has just stuck one on his 1.6 cee'd and he has noticed the difference. His used to be a bit slower than mine but now he seems to pull off from me on the straights. He has said that he seems to get a bit more MPG from his car now as well but im going to leave it for a month or two and see if he has anything go wrong with it.
  2. 2009 Focus Zetec S

    Im looking on getting a set of RS wheels for it but im not a 100% sure yet. I will let you know if i am getting rid of them though.
  3. 2009 Focus Zetec S

    Nice car paramaniac, nice choice of colour ;). I just picked up my car the other day traded up from a fiat punto evo (bad car, bad customer service). I didnt think mine had a aux port at first, its set back a bit in the glove box next to a cut out that i thought the aux would have been fitted in to. I had the same spot of rust in my boot at the top. Ford touched it up for me before i took it of them and it looks fine now. Did you end up going for a Focus Zetec s itsrelfy, If so is it petrol/diesel and what do you think of it?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums lewism :)