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  1. Catalyst

    thanks for all your help. i will send it back up transit centre and make them check and do it, i paid them plenty and i think they should have checked it proper when they fitted new turbo
  2. Catalyst

    thank you stef123. for all your help
  3. Catalyst

    169000 miles. and still is. it is on the driveway. when its on tick over and just rev it a bit you can see oil coming out of the top side of the cat where the seam has lost its weld
  4. Catalyst

    they said I needed a new turbo as it was blowing a lot of white smoke
  5. Catalyst

    transit centre said I needed a new turbo so they fitted a new one. don't think they did anything else to it. will I need a new cat now
  6. Catalyst

    hi, need your help again. on our transit 2007 we have had a new turbo fitted. now the big round box under it, the cat I think is leaking oil from a crack in the seal around it at the top. is there supposed to be oil in it at all to leak out. or do I need a new one or can I weld it. help please
  7. Window Wipers

    hi all. just got my transit back from having turbo done, now my window wipers don't work. when I put them on all I hear is a click from the fuse box behind the glove box. any ideas. I have checked the fuse. its a 2007 transit
  8. Dash Lights On

    now its hard to start with no revs to help. put my foot on the clutch and all the gauges go dead. hoping for the transit centre will come and collect it tomorrow to check it all out. will let you know what happens as its all to complicated to work out
  9. Dash Lights On

    thanks. will check tomorrow and let you know how i get on
  10. Dash Lights On

    yes, took hoses off to drain. now when we start it when we switch on the heated windscreen the dash lights and gauges work, but as soon as the windscreen switch goes off all the dash lights come on and gauges don't read. also the clock for the milage wont work. all was ok before we drained
  11. hi, just drained my water out and put new water and anti freeze in. now all my dash lights stay on and gauges not working. when I rev up a bit they all go off. take my foot off the rev they all come back on. the rev counter doesn't move on tic over. what have I done,. help please
  12. Broken Shocker

    thanks james, I have it sorted now. thank you for replying
  13. hi everyone. bet this is one you havent come across before. on my 4x4 the rear shocker has broken. but worse still where the shocker bolts to at the top it has broken off. i mean on the body so i cant fit a new shocker till i have somewhere to bolt it. any ideas. by the way i have only just got the motor, shows i dont check it over first
  14. Timing Chain Cover

    thanks, i tried my local transit centre i always use and they told me to try Bristol street motors, phoned them at 11 this morning and told me to collect after 2.30pm and that was with them ordering the parts too. quick i think, and thanks stef, the prices were good too. thinking of ford main dealers you think money
  15. Timing Chain Cover

    hi everyone. i am changing my timing chain cover on my 2000 ford transit, 2.4tdi. where can i order my gasket/seal from for outlet elbow and the O ring. been looking on lots of sites but cant find out where to buy them, help please and thanks. ps, put it on earlier but didnt say it was for a transit