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  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone could please clarify exactly how the Ford Privilege and Options schemes work. My Mother-in-law basically said she pays a certain amount a month and then takes her back after two years and changes it. She said she never has to do an MOT, and that she takes the car in every 3 months for a service and doesn't have to pay for that either. She also said if you do it, they chuck in either a years free insurance or tax. Now, I called a dealer to check all this out...He seems to think that the bit about servicing the car for free is untrue and that they don't have any free insurance or tax deals. Because of the amount that I commute with my job, I would need to go under the 24,000 mileage bracket, which means my payments are more. It also means that I would need to go in for servicing every 6 months or so, and pay for it... So, I'm not sure whether to go for this scheme or not? As far as I understand, because I am technically leasing the car I would need to take extra extra care of the car, and by that I mean I WOULD need to go and service the car twice a year, and thus end up paying maybe three hundred pound each time...I'm also thinking my insurance would go up, because it would be a new car? Does this make any sense at all? I really am trying to understand what the main benefits are of doing this scheme? Could someone help me out!? Many thanks