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  1. need to gear up.

    I don't drive it as I feel its a ladies car myself. My wife does a 66 mile round trip to and from her workplace and roads are mainly dual avenue roads. She does between 60 and 70 mph..but at 70mph the damn thing is revving too much about 3,000 +rev/min ..her old 04 fiesta would only be doing about 2,500 revs at same speed. I think if I could have it geared up then it would be better on fuel. She isn't a "girl racer". ;) :)
  2. need to gear up.

    damn thing is bankrupting me slowly with its fuel consumption. Someone please let me know what differnt ratio gearbox I can fit.
  3. cooling fan

    I don't think the streetka has a temp gauge just a thermometer light that comes on when its too late.
  4. streetka faults?

    One major fault is a small petrol tank and they are damn thirsty on petrol.
  5. The same happened to my wifes' streetka.(I reckon she left the lights on myself) A jump start and good battery charge sorted it. roly
  6. Hi, I recently bought my better half a streetka ice.My concern is the low gear ratios and the hugh amout of fuel the vehicle uses. At 3000 revs in top(5th) the car is only doing bareley 60 miles an hour. My question is:- is there anyway I can have the top gear altered to make it more of an overdrive? Maybe there are other options? I don't know alot about front wheel drive cars as I always have myself a rear wheel drive car. thanks. roly