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  1. Focus Rs Spoiler Fitted

    There very good quality they also made the lambo wing that top gear used in the show where twingo clarkson crashed into ferry port
  2. Focus Rs Spoiler Fitted

    hey sal if you are looking for skirts there is a company who do fibre glass ones can dig out an adress if u want ps she looks the dogs
  3. No Eml Ever

    hey guys have had my belovid st for 4 yrs now and am yet to see eml light ever not when dash testing nor pre start just never illuminates have tried bulbs to no avail am now due to the new mot legs in a way up !Removed! creek i feel some (mother GNIKCUF cont decided to disable some how any of you guys have any clue as i know its had faukts cause i run her on my laptop for data against my other car cougar v6 so please can any 1 shine a life this is a man begging no i cnt afford to take it to the stealers thanks ears
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ears :)