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  1. Hello mate All that work on the under pants and was dropped over a £50 Chris notts insurence fix I don't know I think we will be missed & it's funny top gear have gone as well was you banned as well or just dropped out as poor old patrick must be left at Tracey island . Still no classic but wife has the garden done but what with this weather the wind has knock all the plants down Iam glad your on here now I will check back more Hope all your projects are going well take care JM
  2. I had to go to a galaxy as the 3rd row seats go back & forth and there was headroom for my 6ft son
  3. Hi Yes I have been on to there backs to get a Haynes manual for years I was the voice on another site so now my voice is for this site It takes 30 weeks to make so they said end of this year or early 2016
  4. Hello .............. As they say Iam back
  5. I do love a poll
  6. That's good news Nice to see we all went looking on other sites
  7. Site must be down again anybody no why?
  8. Dawn is right there is no where to put the luggage cover if you use the seven seats alot just leave it out at home.
  9. Crayford your not far away from me then iam bluewater but shop at lakeside tesco keep a eye out for a Dark Blue 2.0 it could be me
  10. 2.0 petrol i got 30k out of front tyres back still have 4m left
  11. All done now the bulb had come out the holder The clips are right little ~~~~~~ but i got there in the end
  12. How many Bulbs are there in the middle stop light as i have only got one working at the side also got the stop light warning this morning
  13. Now go faster strips Thats a must
  14. like your new boots and the white roof looks good to
  15. so where can you buy the chrome front for the s max ?