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  1. Guys Just out of curiosity how much are these new Iv come across a pair for 100 without the loom if I buy the loom from fords call it 65 for both so 165 So is it still worth it from new cheers guys
  2. I done mine from the window
  3. It's in the new think Avalon blue or something
  4. Hi guys Iv jus upgraded my mk2.5 bumpers with the st ones and I have my old bumpers for sale I'm in the Essex area No damage on them at all Email me if ur interested Trigger_bytes@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Hi guys My mate emailed me a photo of a focus mk2.5 rs with a flat bottom steering wheel looks aaaaamazing I want this steering wheel really bad but can't find it anywhere been looking for days now Help would b appreciated I would've put the pic up but using an iPhone and ain't got that option sorry
  6. Hi guys I saw a video here somewhere on this forum but can't find it any more It's regarding the door handle case 3 led mod Can some1 point me in the right direction of da vid as iv bought da leds n now stuck lol many thanks n sorry for changing da subject ;)
  7. If this works I owe u a big drink my friend
  8. I saw that he wasn't much help It don't show the main bits
  9. Hi there guys I have a mk2.5 focus I just bought a pair of xenons off a 2010 st exact fit (has da ballast n bulb fitted) Plugged it on everything works but the xenon lol Been to a few electricians (car audio security places) and they ain't got a clue lol I have da old wiring loom cut off from the st It has 3 extra wires than mine on it They Want to know what they are b4 starting work on it as they r scared if anything happens As da lights r really expensive Lol Basically I need help gettin this to work please some 1 lol
  10. Hi there I bought a pair of xenons (original) it's off a 2010 st My cars a 2009 zetec Im having issues getting them to work, I need a wiring diagram or some sort of advise pleeeeeease as iv sold my originals n now just driving on fogs at night don't want to get in trouble with the law And also would love to c them working
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Julz :)