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  1. Hi I`ve just tried to have my wheels all alligned but the guy in the garage said he couldn`t do one of the rears as the bush used to make the adjustment has siezed. he said I need to replace the whole arm as the bush isn`t supplied on its own. I`ve had a look myself and the cam bolt dosn`t rotate as it should instead when you try to turn it the whole bush tries to rotate, which it can`t cos it fixed to the arm. The new arm is £30 but in order to fit it I`ll have to remove the cam bolt which I can`t cos it`s siezed! I`ve seen elsewhere that people have had to angle grind the bolt off :( don`t fancy trying that although I do have a small grinder. I`ve tried penetrating oil to free up the bolt but no luck so far. Any ideas how to free the bolt to allow adjustment? or How to easily remove the bolt / arm to allow a replacement? PS its a 04 Reg Mondeo 2.0 TDi if that helps.
  2. Hi I have a 2004 reg Mondeo 2.0 TDi which has developed a judder which I can feel both when cruising along the motorway (50+ mph) and also when braking (any speed). At first I changed the front brake pads which reduced the severity of the issue considerably but didn`t completely solve it. Next the rear pads got changed, slight judder still there. Finally I`ve had the wheels rebalanced but still the judder is there. Some other info: I didn`t change the pads cos thay all looked nearly new. All the wheels and tyres are brand new. I bought new alloys after the orginal ones corroded leading to rim leaks and constant slow punctures :( The car has another issue of pulling to the left but I know that is down to a misalligned rear toe adjustment arm (see my other post). I did ask Quik Fit to rebalance all the wheels but I`m fairly sure they only did the fronts. I`m quite happy to tackle any task on the car, have built kit car in the past and have a garage full of tools :) So avoiding high garage costs would be nice but if it needs specialist tools then I`ll have to fork out :( Some Questions: If its not the pads or the wheels, what else could it be? How do I check "washout" on the new pads and how do you adjust it? Any other thoughts / ideas? Any help much appreciated.