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  1. I say stuff it lol. Keep your standard ones in the boot for a few months. Just stick the new ones on. If any police pull you over for it just apologise and say you didn't know and that you will change them for your old ones again haha.
  2. 1.0 Zetec S Drl Bubls

    Those are just covers they will make the standard bulbs blueish white but a lot darker :/
  3. 1.0 Zetec S Drl Bubls

    Yeah thats fair enough. The way I look at it though is "who is going to ever see what my main beams look like" I always dip them when cars come anyway :P haha
  4. Zs 1.0 Sound With Cold Air Induction Kit ?

    How would you fit one of those as the maf is mounted in the top of the air filter box on these cars.
  5. 1.0 Zetec S Drl Bubls

    I never bothered with the high beam/drl bulb in mine. I just put my side lights on which are the white regular bulbs haha. Cost almost nothing compared to the full bulb. Thats if you don't mine the more yellow light when you turn your main beams on
  6. Cheap Backboxes. Opinions.

    Euro stance scene is this (Click Here) It is low and slow, wide wheels, proper low cars. As for the whole cheap back boxes they almost always sound really really terrible. And stupidly droney and annoying.
  7. Zs 1.0 Sound With Cold Air Induction Kit ?

    Well I would presume it would be very similar to the 1.6's difference as it is basically the same engine just smaller. With a turbo car you will hear the turbo whistling up more and a louder hissing/wooshing sort of sound. And then when you change gears the recirculater valve will be noticeably louder.
  8. Hey all. My mom has a fiesta MK5 with the engine management light on. It has been on for a while now but the car seems to run fine and when I did the check for fault codes it just said there wasn't any :/ I have removed the battery a couple of times and both times it cleared it for a bit and then it came back. Any ideas?
  9. Premium Unleaded

    Thinking about it now I have basically just figured out how it could work in these anyway. The more resistant to pre ignition the fuel is (The higher the octane) the earlier in the cycle the engine can inject it. So injecting the fuel closer to top dead centre will gain more power than injecting it a few degrees after top dead centre.
  10. Premium Unleaded

    What I am curious about is what the effect of direct injection is on what octane is needed? Higher octane resists pre detonation. If the fuel is injected just when its needed then what is there to pre-detonate anyway haha. Couple that with the fact that high octane fuel is actually lower in calorific value 99% of the time and I really start to wonder if its even necassary on these new direct injection engines.
  11. Engine Differences

    What sort of difference is there in the mpg in the real world as well?
  12. Wheel Colour! Something Different

    Now I like them. Call me over the top but it is a smart job
  13. Hey all. I have had my new fiesta zetec s 1.0l for about a month now and have done about 1000 miles on it. It has a very high pitches sort of scuffing squeaking noise. It is entirely dependant on the engine RPM and nothing else. It happens in and out of gear and at idle. Sounds like a pulley or something but surely not at this age of the car :/ Anyone else had this, or would it be worth me taking it back in to get checked over? Thanks, Jack
  14. Cleaning Equiptment List

    Hey all. I am curious as to whether between us all we can come up with the perfect list of cleaning equipment to get the whole car to a perfect condition. Any one that enjoys cleaning / is good a cleaning the following areas? Between us we could build up a brilliant list and sticky it? We would have like the following areas. Exterior paint Exterior trim Exterior glass Interior Glass Interior seats and carpets Engine bay. So what are you fave things to use to clean each area? And what would you recommend tool wise and products wise? Currently for my exterior paint I am using Autoglym super resin polish - Application sponge and microfibre cloth and Colinite No 476S wax with an applicatorpad and microfibre cloth. What do you guys think?
  15. Grounding Kit

    Well I got a very basic kit. Fitted it and well the only thing I can tell really is that it seems to start quicker. I think the lights have got a little bit brighter as well but other than that not a lot really haha. You love and learn dont you haha :)