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  1. Engine Change

    Thank you for info. Now to get one and get it fitted
  2. Engine Change

    Hi i have a 2.0 focus mk1 (2001) Y reg that has a major smokey engine on startup. All 4 pistons are covered in oil. Unfortunatly think its terminal as had problem with it overheating big style.. Have been looking around and cant find a 2.0 engine for a focus locally but was told that a mondeo blackto should fit fine. I cant seem to find any info confirming this. Does anyone know if they do fit as im stuck without a car at the mo Many thanks in advance for.any advice given
  3. Bird Droppings

    I got a blue focus and havin to clean the c**p of every other day or daily. Had silver vectra previously. Never got dumped on once
  4. Do It Yourself Radio Code Generator

    If you google ford radio code generator you can get the program free. Just download and run
  5. focus mk1

    my baby
  6. minej

    From the album focus mk1

  7. Hi

    Just quickie to say hi to everyone. Mk1 focus zetec. Lowered tinted angel eyes lexus rears 17s x 205/40
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums swain78 :)