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  1. http://t.co/p3fk82M7 Thanks for the suggestion, Cliff. I realise I could set up some sort of WiKi and create separate accounts for each...

  2. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4?

    Hello, I want to buy a nearly new Fiesta when I return to the UK - under 3 years old . Although I used to have a 1.25 Fiesta before I left to work overseas in 2007 I have lost touch. There are clearly many more 1.25 engines models to choose from than 1.4 and, of course, prices for comparable age cars are cheaper and with lower mileage. The car will be used mainly for local driving around town. I have decided on either a Zetec or Titanium but would welcome thoughts on engine size, please.
  3. Apple toying with a 7.85" iPad in their Labs http://t.co/gdZY3DrG