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  1. Ford Focus Steering

    I went into settings and it doesn't have the steering settings that allow me to put on comfort
  2. Ford Focus Steering

    Thanks for responding. I will check the auxiliary belt/colour of fluid. Do you think I should take it to a garage? I am a new driver so still learning as I go.
  3. Ford Focus Steering

    Hi there, I apologise if I am asking this in the wrong place, I a new member and searched for a similar question/answers but couldn't find it, I have a 56 focus petrol 1.6, i have noticed the steering is very heavy, I checked tyre pressure and power steering fluids etc, I noticed some diesel models have steering settings e.g comfort sport etc, is there any way to lighten my steering?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Jamiemcl1984 :)