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  1. my focus pain

    nobody had this?
  2. my focus pain

    nah i checked this guys plus its just passenger side the drivers side is fine.iv actualy stripped door and im getting no power (fuses all checked)but wiring disapeares in2 wiring harness so cant trace cheers tho
  3. my focus pain

    guys i need help as im cracking up.iv got a 55 plate 1.6 mk2 foci.its a 5 door and my rear passenger door electrics(central locking and electric windows)have stopped working.i stripped glovebox and sill plastics to investigate but when checking connector i triggered imobaliser then battery went flat and it was a nightmare.any way the gist is no power to door.all fuses are ok and harness for door seems to bypass glovebox and head for driverside?does anyone know where they are fed from?is it drivers door?anyone had this problem?any help really really apretiated
  4. noob

    hi guys fellow ford nut here