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  1. Photo Of Rear Windscreen?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me. On Tuesday night I had my rear windscreen smashed (sad face) and yesterday someone came out to fix it. That's all done now, no problem there. However my boyfriend thinks that there is a part missing where the wiper connects to the car. He thinks there should be some sort of covering over the metal. I think that makes sense that there should be, but I can't remember whether there was one there before the guy fixed the windscreen or not. He asked the guy at the time and he just said no so I left it. I've done some googling and found a few photos but I can't really tell whether there's anything there or not. The best I found was this: http://0.tqn.com/d/cars/1/0/S/B/2/ag_11fiesta_hatchrear.JPG which looks to me like there should be something black covering the metal. Is that right? I was wondering whether anybody here would be able to take a close up picture of their rear wiper where it connects to the car, so I can compare to what my car looks like at the moment? I have a Fiesta 2010 plate but I suppose any 2008+ model would look the same. If there is some covering missing, what should I do? Is it simple to buy and attach it myself? Is it a problem that it's missing - I'm thinking rust might be an issue? Any thought would be great Thanks!
  2. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    I used to have a 99 fiesta (T reg) and I had the issue in the drivers side - I found it happened when I had the air con on, could it be related to that? I never got it fixed though so don't know for sure.
  3. Can I Sell Damaged Alloys?

    Thanks for the advice everyone, at least knowing I can get a small amount back is something I guess! Yeah, I did get in touch and put in a complaint. My main problem was that I only went to the second Ford garage because they charged the same but were closer to me. So if I'd gone to the original place (the place I bought my car) to get my repairs, they'd only have repaired the one they saw originally and I'd still be driving around with a damaged wheel. I pretty much got nowhere with my complaint, I got a big talk about how sometimes 'unfortunately some things do get missed and we don't always know why' and then a story about how they told a woman she only had 5,000 miles left on her wheels but she said she only did 1k a year anyway so 'do you see how sometimes we might not tell about damage because it might not be relevant?' firstly no - tell me and I'll decide if it's relevant, and secondly does that mean they did notice after all but just decided not to say anything?! I was just majorly unimpressed with my treatment at Ford and am so glad my warranty will be done and I'm not obliged to get serviced with them in the future! I've been SO put off by the whole thing, they've rung a few times and I've been busy so they've said they'll call back but haven't. Hope your experience hasn't been quite so bad! Sorry for the rant, needed to get it out by the looks of it!
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been reading on this forum for a while but just signed up today as I have a question I'm hoping you can help with. I have a 2010 plate Fiesta, Style + model but (I was told) the alloys were an added extra originally so aren't the standard wheels for that model. About a month ago I had my car serviced, only to find out I had 2 bent alloys that needed replacing at a cost of £400... fun! I've seen plenty of threads on here about this happening to others so won't go into my unhappiness about that. Anyway! The garage gave me my old alloys (long story short one Ford garage missed the damage, the other garage (also Ford) gave me the alloys so I could complain about the first garage missing it) and I'm wondering if there's any way I can make even the smallest amount of money from these alloys? I'm thinking I could put them on gumtree but don't know how much to ask for - I want to make as much as possible as really I wasn't in a position to spend £400 on my car (the service cost £200 itself, my insurance and tax also came out in the same week) so would like to at least make a dent in that if I can, but at the same time I don't want to ask for too much that nobody will take them. I've seen the damage and while I can tell it's damaged, it's not as bad as I was expecting to be shown (probably just me having no knowledge about it though) and a few people have said I could have just knocked the bend out and so I'm hoping that will work in my favour when it comes to sell them. But I have also been told they're worth nothing so I'm really not sure. At the end of the day I will really end up taking anything for them just to get them off my hands, but like I said I would like to make back some of the money I had to spend if I can. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums fishworm :)