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  1. Ford KA Revving Problems

    I am not too familiar with Ka's but I have just posted a new thread on behalf of my gf's Ford ka. Sounds to me like the throttle is at fault. My rover had the same issue which was solved by buying a new aluminium throttle body (not sure what the throttle arrangement is on a KA). The high revs seems to me because air is getting into the engine. Could be that the throttle butterfly is sticking slightly open due to warpage. The garage has changed all of the other components that could be the cause. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, I have spent today changing the high pressure power steering hose on my gf's Ka. The old one was pretty rotten and fell to bits when I undid the union and brackets. The new one is in place ready to be connected but I don't know the best way to disconnect the hose from the front of the power steering pump? I have taken a photo to explain the situation. The space available in the small hole at the front of the engine to access the pump connector is not that great and I cant see how the nipple is held into the pump as there is no nut or fixing mechanism. It looks like is may just pull out?? The old connection can be rotated whilst still in the pump so it definately moves. There is a nut in front of this but it would be nigh on impossible to get a spanner in there to undo it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Right managed to borrow a very long extension cable so I could run an inspection lamp to the engine bay. The power steering reseviour was below low and I found the fluid leaking on the floor quite badly via the front of the engine. Luckily I had PS fluid so I have refilled it and the noise has stopped. I have no real experience of ford ka engines and boy are they packed in the bay tight! Do these cars have an issue with the PAS pump? Also I tried to sneak a peak to see where the pump is located but there isn't much space. Does anyone the easiest way to inspect the pump (underneath for example)? I don't have a haynes manual. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, first post on these forums but my GF's ford Ka is making a weird noise. I am not really clued up on these cars (I am on others) but it's making a whirring noise continously which correspondes with any touch of the accelerator (so it kind of increases in speed when you accelerate). Sounds like it the timing belt tensioner loose or timing belt itself is making the noise??? What it sounds like is the an engine fan which increases and decreses when you touch the accelerator. Not sure on what the possible fault is as I don't have a haynes manual and it's dark and I can't really see how the engine is laid out. Any ideas would be appreciated???