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  1. Help with topping up the water!

    Thanks so much for the diagram it has really helped! now i understand lol i thought the brake fluid reservoir was my water oops! But now i know its not so thank you again :)
  2. Help with topping up the water!

    Thanks for the replies i probably didnt make myself too clear! When i say water i mean not the water for the windscreen but the water tht goes with the oil if you see what i mean! i checked my oil and it was fine and i know how to do tht, but the water i think may need topping up but im really not sure which 'container' to fill up lol and i heard tht if i dont check my water regularly the car will overheat or something and may possibly blow up??
  3. Hi this sounds like a really blonde and simple question but i think my water may need topping up but im not sure which one it is, there is a choice of two and i think one is brake fluid? Im not quite sure and really need help otherwise it may result in my car being blown up! :( Thanks in advance!
  4. Ka headlight bulb changing

    Hi i went to Halfords the other week as my headlights (both this time) needed changing yet AGAIN!! Not only do my bulbs need changing every 5mins but when it comes to 'Happy' Halfords putting in new ones not only do they moan and groan about it but it takes them a long time to put them in! it took them40 mins to do the pair of them! Firstly i wouldnt recommend going to Halfords and secondly does anyone else actually have the same problem of having to change headlights a little too often? seems very strange to me
  5. GF's Ford Ka making funny noise...

    Hi i have a KA and i think what you are talking about is the same 'problem' i have. When i say problem though i dont really think it is a problem as i have had my KA for 2 and a half years and it has always made this noise- like it keeps revving on its own to the pace the car is going - but i was told by friend of mine who is a mecanic that it is just a fault in KA's and it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. i was told there is nothing really they can do but it is not doing any damage to the car whatsoever. However it could be something different to what you are referring to but i hope this helps anyway x